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  • Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm Heidi. Like Todd I had no idea this place existed until now! There are 3 games I've been playing religiously for the past year and this is one of them. But it's been mostly versus friends at school and work. I was a little bummed when some of them stopped playing so I went looking online and POW I'm hit with this whole new Pocket Tanks world. I didn't know the game had such a following! I don’t see any women on here though, haha. What's up with that? Let's see--- I also use 30 weapons most of the time. But sometimes I end up around 40 or 50. I'm probably just an above average player but I definitely am a fast learner. So I look forward to learning some new tricks and finding some new game buddies. Bombs away!

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    Hey deangirl,
    Welcome to the BlitWise Community!

    I don't know what your knowledge of what is happening here is, but I can summarize in 4 words "More awesome community fun". We have been working harder with the community lately to deliver a more rich experience to those who spend their time here with us.

    If you're looking for people to play with, you might want to check out the new friend finder thread in the Pocket Tanks general discussion.

    If you have any questions, never hesitate to use a support form, or PM Brian or me. Brian is our lead guy when it comes to social stuff.

    Have fun, and thanks again for joining us!


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      Welcome aboard, Heidi.


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        FYI to anyone reading these intros.... Invites are already going around from a DeanGirl and Tgh

        These are a troll. The real players are deangirl and tgh

        All usernames are case sensitive, so don't be fooled fellow Pocketeers.

        I'm metallian in stacked games, and METALLIAN in unstacked games. I am NOT Metallian.
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          I had let a few others know about those two possibly fake accounts. But it's a good idea to post this publicly.

          Hopefully that's not too much Scategorization for you MrAlvin.
          I'm just kidding around alittle.


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            Thanks for the welcome, guys. And thanks for looking out.


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              Thanks for your self-introduction! I am really excited to become a part of your community! It seems to be a nice portal!