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This sub seems dead.. Allow me to introduce myself

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  • This sub seems dead.. Allow me to introduce myself

    Hello everyone,

    Seeing this sub has been dead since creation, I've decided to make a brief intro about myself.

    I am John P., I enjoy playing Osu and TF2 along with other various titles. Aside from playing the games, I have recently joined BlitWise LLC and been making games with them, and of course some here and there on the side. I am fond of math, and would never pass up an offer to have a bubble tea and cheesecake with someone. I also play the piano on the side, and have been learning Mandarin Chinese for a few months now (你好吗?). Alas I still have a year of high school left before I venture onto pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, but will be happy to continue on in my journey of computer engineering and sciences with BlitWise in the future development of their games and software.

    John "SlyphOnyx" Parker

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    Wow! it's surprising enough to see a new post on the forum in general. Let alone a new Dev. Welcome!
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      Oh wow, they finally added the sub forum that I made my, I think, first post ever, suggesting the creation of. That was a long while ago...

      Anyway, Welcome to this site. As you've likely noticed, it can be pretty dead. Only a handful of the old members still stop by anymore.

      Interesting that they've hired someone who's still in high school. Nothing against it, just not something I expected.

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        Alduce me to introlow myself.

        Take the tablets, Tiger.
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