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  • How are we doing?

    Hello everyone,

    We have been making some pretty major changes here to the BlitWise Community ecosystem now for the past two months here. I hope that these changes have not caused any of you to feel left behind, or affected badly. Please speak up, as I want to be able to value and reply to each one of your responses.

    Be open, speak your heart out. I won't be upset if you hate me, or the new changes, I will be happy that you spoke up (because that is what matters). We can't improve on what we have done here, or what we plan to do, without your input.


    Also, if you are interested, here is a poll:
    Do we have anybody in this community that accesses our services or content from a foreign country? If so, please tell us! I am working on finding new ways we can make our community and services more accessible to you and your country.
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    Is this post in code? Like an imprisoned shot caller's letters to his mom?

    Regardless, I'm happy to see what's been happening around here. You guys are doing a great job.


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      I fixed it. No, I would say that it was the evildoing of The Wielder of The Vorpal Sword of Banning, our favored antagonist, Brian, Master of Time and Space....

      This is a war not for power, but absolute power... Together we may reign in unity. Together we can stop persistent evils like this man's trickery and games.
      Together we shall prosper.

      Forever, Forward thinking, Forever in unity
      Vote John 2036...

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        I am brand spanking new here, today is my Day #1. Unfortunately, it appears the spammers have overrun your forum. If there are any mods still here, can you please check the spam filters that should be in place for approving new members! Also, can a mod please delete not only the spamming accounts, but all the spam messages!! The boards are mostly impossible to read because of the volume of spam. Worst I have seen on the web anywhere.

        If this forum has been abandoned, fine. But, it is a shame.