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Categorization Controversies!!

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  • Categorization Controversies!!

    Hello everyone,

    I received a couple private messages requesting my reasons for pulling posts and/or closing them since the post restriction lift.

    As we all know, a mass revitalization of the BlitWise Community and Forums, has been much needed thing for a while now. The issue with lifting the posting restrictions, is that before they were put into place, the same issue occured that we would be faced with: Disregard to Forum sections.

    If you remember back in December/January when I upgraded the forum to VB5, we made some new forum sections for posts to go in, and moved posts from all of time to their respective sub-sections. This was simply categorization to allow for easier access to "what you want, when you want", but as with all categorized systems, we must stay categorized and not just begin to strew our posts wherever we want them, otherwise things will go back to being a mess again!

    We in fact have been meaning to lift posting restrictions for months though, however I held back, as without us at BlitWise paying more attention to the Forums, it would be rather crippling for us to leave you with such great potential (liability: we can't expect from customers to do the right thing). I talked to Brian about pushing more to do the right thing in the community moreso. This means getting everyone on the same level of what to do, and why. It will be a push at first, it was accepted with positive emotions from a few of you, and negative emotions (and I respect that!!) from others. It is simply getting used to something new, that's all.

    If you haven't caught on with what I am saying, I hope I can reclarify myself once more. We are creating a more strict system, meaning that things will change, and some things may be perceived poorly at first. I, no we at BlitWise, assure you that these changes are made with YOU in the spotlight with a stong freedom to socialize. Sure, some things may get more lockdown, such as scategorization and trolling (It is fun to joke around, I do it a LOT! But I don't let it consume all of me and my posts). Remember though, if you are absolutely not following us, dissapointed, or completely enraged with something we do, especially within the community, just tell us. All of us here love hearing your feedback, because it helps us, or encourages us, or both!

    I think enough has been said,
    Happy posting! Stay safe, be categorized, and have fun!