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Gamers on the Go. Episode 46: Pocket Tanks

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  • Gamers on the Go. Episode 46: Pocket Tanks

    "Chase and Rick are joined by the Head Designer at BlitWise Productions, Mike Welch, to discuss Pocket Tanks, a game that released well over a decade ago, and is still going strong today.
    We cover the origins of Pocket Tanks and the artillery strategy genre, how Mike was ahead of the curve in terms of mobile game trends and just how itís possible to keep updating the same game for such a long time.
    And if you are aware of Pocket Tanks, youíll understand how the screenshot below shows just how cheap Chase can be.

    Show Notes:
    Pocket Tanks is seemingly out on everything, thereís a free version and the game has cross-platform support. Thereís no reason not to give it a shot!
    Also, feel free to challenge Chase (username: ChaseyK). But if you do, Iíd highly recommend at least getting the Deluxe Pack of weapons, which expands the game immensely.

    Sep 14th, 2015"

    VETERANS UNITED MEMBER!!! Excuse me for my English, I'm from Russia. Playing PT since 2001!