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Weapon Review Podcast Part 3: The Ugly

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  • Weapon Review Podcast Part 3: The Ugly

    This one might be a little quiet on poor speakers. Mainly because...I just didn't have time to tweak the audio. Sorry. In the future, I'll have more time for fine tuning...right now isn't it though.
    • Word Processor 0:15
    • Gauss Cannon 1:20
    • Atom Blast 1:44
    • Magma Missile 2:15
    • Phase Bullet 2:30

    These are weapons just won't see. Sorry to tease you. Though you'll notice we fought Mike on Phase Bullet, so with luck, that will make it into the final pack.
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    Re: Weapon Review Podcast Part 3: The Ugly

    is there sketches of that weapons ?
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