Here's the next (actually the third in sequence, but let's give the weapons in order of Mike's preference, from best to worst) section of the Weapon Review that we had at BlitWise.

These, you'll recall, are some of the weapons that Nate and Mike are working on now for release in the coming months. (Though the last podcast had the bulk of the ones that will likely make it to release.)
  • Trampoline 0:00
  • Tar Pits 1:40
  • Disco Ball 3:40
  • Snow Boulder 6:10
  • Firewall 6:40
  • Static Cruiser 8:15
  • Black Forest 8:35
  • EMP 9:40
  • Bonszai 10:20
  • Laser Net 11:10
  • Lock Box 11:30

Remember, these are all discussions and debates about weapons in their early prototype state.
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