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Weekly Meeting Podcast - 7/30/12

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  • Weekly Meeting Podcast - 7/30/12

    • Multi-res: 0:00
    • Ben will not do the Robot: 2:08
    • Posters...are they happening? 3:30
    • Mike's Plans; weapons and Scorched Tanks: ~7:00
    • Mike A; Dan and Network Play: 8:15
    • Possibility, making PC orders easier? 9:30
    • Need iPad Beta testers: 10:40
    • Android, where are we: 12:45
    • Last word from Mike: 14:40

    Hopefully you will find the sound quality of this more palatable. The interference is way down from previous meetings, but it is still, after all, a meeting in a large room not made for sound capture.
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    Re: Weekly Meeting Podcast - 7/30/12

    ben? refusing to do the robot?

    there is a problem. this problem must be...fixed.

    otherwise; good stuff.
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      Re: Weekly Meeting Podcast - 7/30/12

      The Energy and Plasma packs are just about ready to come out. And that means we had to write weapon descriptions. Usually, Mike just sits down and does this himself. But not this time. This time, Mike, Nate and I sat down well after 8 o'clock at night, when reasonable men are home, having finished dinner and put the kids to bed, and had a little contest of words. And, in one case, there was dancing.


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        Re: Weekly Meeting Podcast - 7/30/12

        this is a test so I can have permission to post new threads