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    Plz hurry up with the packs for DX ball im so impatient
    And ptanks too
    Im looking forward 2 it
    I love minecraft, and terraria!
    I love indie games!

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    Yes, DX-Ball is a little "forgotten game". I don't play in it but I wonder how would look new boards...
    sigpic ← hand made


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      Yeah, Mike. You did post this:
      Originally posted by Mike W. View Post
      Leaf It, nice boards! Ekoz, that's a nice design too.

      I was just thinking about DX-Ball today, and daydreaming about hat I'd like to add to it. Believe it or not, on my rather large list of things I ought to do in 2010, I have:

      - Super DX-Ball Board Packs
      - Super DX-Ball for iPhone (with a very fun paddle movement mechanic)
      - Find a way to get the authors of Megaball AGA to collaborate on a new breakout game

      It's great to see some board designs. Have there been many graph paper posts like this? I could 'easily' make some more board packs if you guys post more like this.



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        Re: New packs

        Originally posted by flankattack View Post
        Yeah, Mike. You did post this:

        3 years ago...
        VETERANS UNITED MEMBER!!! Excuse me for my English, I'm from Russia. Playing PT since 2001!