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  • Super DXBall Questions.

    I know this game doesn't have a manual, but I'm kinda into the details of programs/games, so I'd like to ask a couple of "technical" questions:

    I've read the readme.txt and saw no mention. I've also tried to answer these myself through observation while playing, but it's very tough to do both!

    I know from the readme file that the faster the ball is moving, the more points you get. This makes sense, as the game becomes more challenging. Therefore, what of the following:

    o Seems to me that the smaller the ball is, the more points one should get for each this true in the game?

    o Same with the paddle. Is this true in game?

    Were these statements true for the old DX-Ball by LDA? I think they were, or perhaps for some other breakout game. If not, have I come up with a possible update for the future (assuming the 1st two questions are not true)?

    o Seems that if exploding ball earns less, so should shooting the bricks and the "thru brick" ball. Is this true in the game?

    o This should've been my first question: Is there a detailed game rule file where all of this is explained? I haven't been able to find one. Also, I don't see these questions addressed in the forums.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I've been catching the small balls and paddles assuming that my score would increase proportionally...have I been mistaken? I really think these rules would make for more challenging and fairer gameplay - just as with the faster ball scenario.

    I'm sorry if these are in the game, but I just can't play and find these details out, and I live alone, so no-one else can check for me.

    Thanks for any help! And most of all, thanks for a great game!

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    1 & 2. I don't think so.

    Also, DX-Ball was originally created by Michael P. Welch.

    3. I don't think Through Brick scores you less either.

    4. The only text file I find is the readme.

    "The faster the ball goes, the more points you get for bricks"
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      Fact: All power-ups give you points if you get them, good or bad.

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        Penalizing powerups give you more points than good ones do.

        I suggest you take every single bad powerup you find, save for death.


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          I always used the powerup that makes the ball smaller, I don't know why it is bad.
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            The ball seems to accelerate faster when in that state.


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              But with the largest paddle, is near impossible to miss.


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                And it's easier to accidentally get a death powerup.


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                  I never have got it accidently, it just happens to either be in the middle of the screen where I cant evade, or three come in a row (The deaths come alot) and I have no choice.


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                    Super DX-Ball scoring

                    As I browse the Super DX-Ball code, here is what I see for scoring:

                    1) ball hits brick... the faster the ball, the more points
                    score += (velocity+4) * 2 where velocity's range is min=0 max=5
                    [0 is slowest speed at a given difficulty level, and 5 is fastest speed at a given difficulty level]

                    2) brick that is "exploding" without ball hit is 4 points

                    3) all power-ups good and bad are 100 points

                    As for DX-Ball 2 scoring... I really do not have that answer. However for the original DX-Ball that I wrote in 1996, the scoring is the same. (I think, since I recall looking at my old code when deciding on score for SDX

                    Currently no score bonuses for playing with a small ball or mini paddle, but I like that idea. Thanks for playing BigEd, and I'll keep that suggestion in mind.

                    BTW - I'm still planning on releasing that board editor for SDXB once I get done with the Pocket Tanks free weapons and Collector's Edition.


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                      Oh? Must've thought that bad powerups gave more points from a different breakout game.

                      But I support that idea, because it'd require some decision making and thus make the game more dynamic. Should I take the paddle shrink for extra points but make the game more difficult, or should I keep playing it safe?


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                        I usually take the paddle shrink powerup for the 100 pts., and just play with that until you get a paddle expand...100 pts. is pretty nice bonus for each powerup.

                        The only red ones I stay away from is Kill Paddle (always, of course) and Falling Bricks (sometimes will take). Just depends on issues at the current time.



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                          Re: Super DX-Ball scoring

                          Originally posted by Mike W. View Post
                          BTW - I'm still planning on releasing that board editor for SDXB once I get done with the Pocket Tanks free weapons and Collector's Edition.
                          Is SDXB Board Editor ever going to be released for public?

                          I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, but I have no permission to open a new one myself.


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                            All levels unlock

                            Guys, I signed up to make a thread, but it seems new users can't make new threads anyway, so I'm bolting my question onto here.

                            Is there an easy way to have all levels unlocked (for all boards, including the two bonus sets) without having to complete them three times each? I really wanted a shortcut (or even save game) way, but don't see anything. Any help appreciated.