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  • DX-ball power-up ideas

    OK, scince I have been wanting some new DX ball power ups, I decided to post some of my ideas.

    Paddle Up-power down-moves your paddle up so it's harder to get the ball.

    Magnet Ball-power up-makes it so that the ball slightly homes in on the bricks.

    Brick dissapear-power up-gets rid of about 10 bricks

    Ball bullets-power up-the next time you click, the ball shoots out 10 shots around itslelf (only 1 shot per power up)

    Power Down-power down-just so we are clear, power down is the accual name. Get's rid of all power up you currently have. Including having more than 1 ball.

    Those are my Ideas so far. I hope you like them! Enjoy!!!
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    Here are some of my ideas...

    Surrounded: A bar covers the bottom the screen so you can't lose a ball. (This would only last 30 seconds and would be rare to get)

    Mixer: Turns some bricks rick-o-shey bricks, turns some explosive. (Changes the brick types of the bricks basically)

    Flip Side: Turns the game upside down so your paddle is at the top and the ball falls up. The brickes turn upside down as well.

    I had another idea but it is for a board. Like have a hidden board that says Pocket Tanks or has blocks that make up 2 tanks fighting on a battle field.
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      Dizzy: Makes the ball move around slightly randomly for awhile.

      Wrong Way: Makes the paddle move the opposite way that you move your mouse.


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        Whoa...that was you, was it me? At first when I looked at you, I thought you were ZetaBalck. But now since the fishy is back, I know it was you...
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          Its good to have the fish back.:p


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            I got an idea. make the power ups and power downs less random. I just played about 30 minutes and must have gotten at least 20 killers what im trying to say is on the intro screen the power ups out number the power downs. There should be no reason im getting 10 power downs thrown at me before a power up. I avoid most of them but yet for some reason most of the Kill Paddles like to fall right inline with the ball giving you no option but to die. Great game otherwise. I wish there was a way to save progress even if its between boards. because there is no way I can sit here for 75 boards. Just my thoughts. as for my ideas for new power ups I whould say allow the improvements to continue to build like the Grow paddle. if you get enough you got a paddle that covers the screen and shoots i donno a mega nuke. j/k but just like the grow paddle you need to combine 3 t \o get the full power/option make some more like that and let the paddle you have word to get continue on to other levels insead of starting over from scratch....


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              Why not a Lever Designer?


              It could be also a good idea to have a level editor (or just a new levels creator). So the author can focus on improving the software (new functionalities etc) instead of creating new expansion packs.. And new levels can be gathered in this web site in order to be shared.

              By doing so, I think SuperDXBall can be used by a much larger community and so become more famous!


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                Thanks for the input guys. Ring, Mike was talking to me just last week about just such a thing. He's not sure if it can be done, or if it is a good idea, but I think he's going to try it in the future.
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                  I decided to write some ideas I had for sometime.

                  Teleport paddle: When the ball touches the paddle it's teleported to the top of the screen. The horizontal coordinates are kept the same, but the vertical ones are set to whatever the hiest the ball can go is. And the ball continues it's path, as nothing had happened(if it hit the paddle straigh, it'll continue straight down, if it was from left to right in a 30 angle, it'll continue like that).

                  Color inverter: Inverts all the colors, just like it would if during the game you pressed PrtScn, then opened Paint, hit Ctrl+V ad then Ctrl+I.

                  Block selective: Gives you ONE shot, wich is fired automatically after a short time (2 seconds?), so you must aim fast. It will not destroy the block it hit. The ball will now for sometime(30secs?) only destroy the blocks of that type/color. It can be bad, f you only have a few of those blocks left, but you may as well hit a undestructable block in a level full of them.

                  Psychodellic: Colors will keep changing in a transgressive way randomly for sometime.

                  Color blind: Colors change randomply. The ball can become red and the paddle can become black, making it invisible if the backgrund is still black(this can make the game very hard or impossible not to lose a ball, as the ball AND paddle can become of the same color as the background).

                  Magnet: Clicking with the left button makes the ball goes toward the paddle, clicking with the right button make it go away from the paddle.

                  Scramble: Scrambles the blocks permanently.

                  Mirror: Flips and/or rotate the screen randomly. The screen goes back to normal in some time. This could also be a special block.

                  Double paddle: Duplicates the paddle. You move both like the screen was mirrored and the mirror was on the middle of the screen.

                  Stealth paddle: The paddle becomes invisible, but sparks now and then, keep your eyes open.

                  Freestyle(this could also be a mode*): You can move your paddle throught the screen as you please, but it cannot go through any object.
                  *There would be no walls and it would rotate to help contain the ball.

                  Bullet time: The game freezes and your cursor turns into an aim. You have a few seconds to shoot as many as you want. When the game unfreezes, round blocks will be where you shot(if there wasn't anything like blocks or the ball on the way). They are destroyed when the ball hits them of after some seconds(15?). Use it wizely and you can make the ball go right where you need.

                  Cracked screen: The screen becomes cracked, and where there are holes you can't see the game.

                  Remote controlled ball: The ball becomes your cursor, you can move it as you please for as long as you want, but one bump and the ball will be free again. This means you can't destroy as many blocks as you want while you control it.

                  Grenade: The ball becomes a grenade. It won't do anything unless you click. Then it'll explode in a radius of 2 blocks.

                  Ice ball: Click to freeze the ball. It'll slide through surfaces, without destroying what it touches. It'll move towart the way it was previously heading to(if it was going from left to right-down and hit something, it'll go straight down). Click again and the ball will return to normal. It's only purpose is to direct the ball for a certain place.

                  Rust ball: It wilt destroy metal blocks, but not anything else. It returns to normal after it hits the paddle 10 times.

                  Rust bullets: You shoot bullets that make metal blocks breakable. They don't break anything.

                  Multi-paddle: Creates one, two or three more paddles. Each wall can only have one paddle. Each one(exept the original) is destroyed after the ball hits it 5 times. Behind the paddles, there's still a wall.

                  Home: No matter where the ball and paddle are, they will be reset to the initial position. No power ups or downs will be reset. You'll have to click to release the ball again.

                  I don't know if I remember it all... I didn't note it anywhere, it's all in my mind ^^
                  Sorry if any idea is similar to others', I didn't read any


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                    Just curious, why are your posts always sooooo long? It's not a bad thing, just curious.
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                      Well I think it depends on the content of the post...

                      In this other forum I go to, there's this guy who loves to debate and argue over everything, so nobody reads his big posts. Then there is this other guy who makes really long posts, but mostly what he says is funny, so most people read what he types...


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                        What's that forum about?
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                          It's a custom version of Advance Wars...


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                            You don't need to read my posts if you don't want to, but I must say that I never post long useless stuff. When it's long, it's worth reading.


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                              I do always read them. It's just...strange how you post so many long posts
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