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Two of the same weapons in one game

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  • Two of the same weapons in one game

    This may be nothing, but I have been playing Pocket Tanks as a registered user, since it came on a long time ago. In fact I was a fan of such on the AMIGA. Anyway, today I played a game using the random weapon mode against the computer, and there was two of the same weapons available.

    I have never seen two of the same, usually it gives me just one weapon of each, am I going nuts.... or is two of the same weapons rare?

    Take care everyone

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    Two of the same weapon can happen, I've had it lots of times. Just a little rare!


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      Yeah, what Rex said. I have every single Weapon pack, and I get duplicate weapons all the time.
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        Re: Two of the same weapons in one game

        I've gotten THREE of the same weapon in one game... I've hade two of the same weapon a bunch of times. It's only a little rare.