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    Uhohoho! It's really hard to choose: what is better, what is not.
    Nuke/Mega Nuke
    Kaboom! Nuke is really old weapon, most of Tanks have it. Must add!
    Tesla Coil
    Comrad Tesla made his Coils for USSR (Red Alert). Patriot!
    Earth Mover
    Do you have a mountain. No. You haven't.
    Shoot at 90 degrees with full power. So beautiful...
    Mega Reaction
    Uhahaha! I like REACTIONS!
    Lightning Rod
    Oh, mr. Franklin would eat himself...
    If it bounce... So beatiful...
    So many games have it. Sounds so familiar...
    This is catastrophy. Flying around and killing - the best way to make your opponent angry.
    Woo-hoo! Lemon - weapon just for fun. Don't know, why I've added it...
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      hehehe communist, long live Lenin and Trotsky!
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        My Fave

        1 place. Trailblazer
        2 place. Chaos Grenade
        3 place. Graviton
        4 place. Run 'n' Gun
        5 place. Nanobots
        6 place. Phase Missile
        7 place. Mega Reaction
        8 place. Puddle Jmper
        9 place. Shock Wave
        10 place. Quad Missiles


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          1 Fireworks --- My favourite weapon! Not only it looks impressive, but it also deals LOTS of damage.
          2. Phase Missile --- I love the way it orbites around the enemy tank. + the extra 100 damage
          3. Jump Rope --- imo, this weapon is beyond awesomeness, I mean, it splits into thousands of bullets or something... the only bad thing about this weapon is that a direct hit deals only 10 damage.
          4. Corkscrew --- Okay, Corkscrew, what kind of name is this? Anyway, this weapon looks really cool, it creates a bouncy spiral, and it's somewhat similar to Funnel. (how I hate that weapon)
          5. Water Balloons --- This weapon reminds me of my childhood... and, they're balloons! Who wouldn't like balloons?
          6. Chroma Blaster --- Looks really cool, and it's colorful! Also high damage if direct hit... just that I never manage to do one =.-
          7. Lodestones --- Magnets! It's almost a guaranteed hit with this one.
          8. Run 'n' Gun --- keep shooting, baby! (does this weapon ever stops shooting?)
          9. Fireball --- I love this weapon because: I'm a dx-ball fan, and fireball is the basic weapon for mages in almost every MMORPG. it has decent damage, 50 damage if direct hit
          10. Lemon --- I like lemonade. nuff' said


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            Welcome to Blitwise, Bubble. You have a good taste in weapons, as most of those are my favorites.

            As for Corkscrew's name, well... it is a word.



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              1-ant farm:i love these guys
              2-fireworks:buetifull but dangerouse
              3-mud pie:itll take days to get out of this))
              4-burnt popcorn:enemy tank is in a hole.throw this and he is dooomed muhahaahaha.
              5-shock wave: try this when half of the enemy tank is stuck in the ground shoot it that place and 500-600 damage hahahhahaha.
              5-saucer attack: especially when the saucer itself hits the enemy hahaahaha.
              6-stunner:i like to stun the guy and make him mad hahaha
              7-phase missile:i love this thing its fun to use.
              8-nanobots:21 century guys are rocking.
              9-tesla coil:when i use this i remember red alert2(good old games)
              10-graviton:its like boxing tournment.


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                  @ ycasinoit: No. :mad:

                  I have more than 10 favorite weapons in Pocket Tanks..... but I will post 10 of them, so here are them! (not in order, no screenshots)

                  Graviton - I like this weapon because it deals lot of damage, and I like its effect, especially when the circles beat up the tank, and send it at mid-air.

                  Super Star - Love the way it orbits, and it deals huge damage.

                  Dazzler - It has colorful explosions, and it's powerful.

                  Jump Rope - The one that I like about this weapon, is that when it splits into different colorful bullets which bounce, split again, then bounce, then explode. Too bad it deals few damage when you hit it directly.

                  Torpedo - My most favorite LOS weapon. It's unstoppable, breaks the terrain, creates a huge explosion, with powerful damage, and has water!

                  Fireball - Love the way it bounces, and I also like using Fireball when playing DX-Ball.

                  Fireworks - They're many, colorful........and poweful!

                  Lava - Deals a lot of damage to the enemy, and can even char the terrain.

                  Sky Strike - I like the way it hits the tank upwards with those homing rockets, but you need to hit the tank directly to do that.

                  Chaos Grenade - Love the way when it splits into 14 shots and block the tanks aim, and it is also easy to hit with.
                  Flak Vs. Flak, who will win?
                  Not the tanks, the defenses.The blue Flak has a Lava Cannon and the red Flak has an Earth Mover. Who do you think will destroy the Flak(the defensive one) first?



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                    Re: Favourite weapons TOP 10

                    1. Nuke
                    2. Super Star
                    3. Avalanche
                    4. Fireworks
                    5. Color Bomb
                    6. Golden Bullet
                    7. Chaos Grenade/Power Washer (TIE)
                    8. Cheap Shot
                    9. Fireball
                    10. Torpedo


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                      Re: Favourite weapons TOP 10

                      1. scorcher - great fire effects of bullet and weapon act overall.
                      2. Ant farm - universal weapon, good points and dirt.
                      3. Lava - when i get it, i feel victory ))
                      4. Dazzler - good combination of points and enemy confusing. Best use when enemy buried by half.
                      5. Bushwack - i like how it grows and damage opponent.
                      6. Blackout - perfectly camouflaged weapon.
                      7. Gamma blaster - indispensable when you're under the ground, best shot when power is 0.
                      8. Rocket Buster - cool tool to get right to your opponent +weapon that hit them.
                      9. Mudpie - the King of dirt weapons!
                      10. Quicksand - interesting variant of dirt weapons
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                        Re: Favourite weapons TOP 10

                        1. Power Grid: Tanks put forks into sockets

                        2. Mega Nuke: KABOOM!

                        3. Lead Balloon: Improvised explosives at it's finest

                        4. Bubble Blast: Tanks don't like taking bubble baths

                        5. Acid Bombs: Mixes household chemicals in a weapon that bouncy dirt cannot resist

                        6. Liquid Nitrogen: Very Frosty

                        7. Gummy Worms: They're tasty as they are dangerous!

                        8. Ice Crush : No tanks gets out of here unscathed even when buried in dirt!

                        9. Warp Gate: They never see it coming!

                        10. Char: Spray and burn