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Next PT tournament?

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  • Next PT tournament?

    I've seen one before on the fourm. I'm wondering if there was any talk as to starting another one?

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    I don't think there are any plans of making another tournament until online is officially released. Maybe you should start one?
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      Tournaments were tried in the past very soon after network play was released. sadly, because the only true way to play online is through IP-IP connection, which doesn't work on routers, many people needed to use a virtual mediated network, such as Hamachi.

      because of the fact that some people couldn't get it to work, and that Hamachi isn't 100% supported by PTanks and errors arose, it proved to be very problematic. therefore, tournaments stopped after the first three (PTournament, Pocket Tanks Triannual Tournament A, PTournament II)

      so if you want to try to make one, please understand that it takes a while for the roster to fill up because this IS a small forum, and it will NOT go off without a hitch.
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        I remember when I played someone I had to be the host otherwise I couldn't join. Probably because I use a router.
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          lets hope online play should come fast....