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  • MAD Pocket Tanks Tournament

    Grab a Nuke and start some chaos because we got a new tournament for July. MAD, which stands for Mutual Assured Destruction! This tournament was the first one that came from my ideas. Alright, time to go over the details which is below.

    In this Tournament you will be using the Nuke, Power, Fireworks, Gold and Meteor Packs to fight. But here's a twist! There will be no hiding or seeking protection in dirt. So if You got a Solar Flare or Mass Driver, you better watch out because everyone including you will have no protection!

    Each player must be the first to win 3 rounds in order to advance. You will have 48 hours to finish with your opponent with the standard tourney rules applied as well. Anyone that wins the Tournament will receive the Mega Nuke on the PT Tips app

    As for the said weapons, out of 54 weapons from the packs will be allowed while 11 of these weapons is disabled and not permitted, list below

    Flying Digger
    Dome Protect
    Great Wall
    Ant Farm
    Molten Plastic
    Bouncy Ball

    The Tournament starts on July 22. If you want to get in on the action, sign up now as brackets will soon go live.

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    The Tournament Rules have been updated. This is applied to the Spinner; You are authorized to use the weapon but know this, you may not do the proximity glitch as this results in poor gamesmanship. Anyone that does the glitch will be forfeited.


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      After weeks of total destruction, the MAD tournament is nearly coming to an end. Two players are left but only one will walk away as the victor: metallian and Hexatonic

      This is the grand event so who will take the shiny Mega Nuke badge? Only time will tell..........
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