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Open tournament starts 25 nov

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  • Open tournament starts 25 nov

    November Tournament was won by eshan! It had a total of 17 participants, most of them are returning for new tournament. We are looking for having at least 25 people this time. I hope you will participate. Rules are as below: Each round consists of 3 Matches between opponents. Alternate invites should be sent. If a game is tied, rematch will happen (with alternate invite.) You can use any number of weapons even 30. *** I repeat.. You can use 30 weapons or generally called as stacking weapons. Complaints about opponent using all strong weapons will not be entertained.*** In case of player not responding for first round within 24 hours, he would loose. You should complete your round(all 3 matches) within 48 Hours. If round doesn't get completed, player who hasn't played his turn will automatically lose. To allow for diverse games proximity Glitches are NOT allowed. (Spinner/Supernova/Porcupine/Lob-o-Matic) Tournament Start date is 25 November. Only first 25 Players will be accepted. Brackets will be declared at the link below TO REGISTER SEND US YOUR USERNAME ON . Further instructions will be provided once you register.