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Quick tips to change certain things around without booting the game

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  • Quick tips to change certain things around without booting the game

    You can change the retained IP in pt.cfg by modifying the value in networkIP2IPAddress. If you play fullscreen and have difficulty remembering anything beyond the first number, you can keep a Hamachi chat window open and take the IP from the multi-user chat or the IP in the titlebar in a private discussion, then copy the number from there.

    As for your number, it'll be in big white text on Hamachi 1.x or above your name in navy text on 2.x.

    You can modify what weapons are available in LAN game by adjusting the removed values in network.cfg. In the same place where pt.cfg is. Seek where it says WEAPON_LIST and you'll see all the weapons below that. Change the removed value to 0 for keeping it on, 1 for keeping it off.

    And oh you can do this for yourself too! local.cfg has the same laundry list available for you to modify.

    Open the game and save a set with everything (or nothing) in it. Then exit the game, copy and paste the file you'll find in \settings. If you open it, it's just like local.cfg. Only problem I find is, I cannot figure out the extension for these files, if any. So having the game produce a file for you as a template to work from's the best I can suggest.

    Why use your text editor over the game's GUI? Because you can use the GUI, of course. But if you're heavy into custom settings, or want a means to very quickly seek a specific set of weapons in a pack, you can use your editor's find function to seek out the first weapon. Remember, all of your weapons will be in the order of release, not installation. So if you got the new Blast and Party packs, for example, those 20 weapons will be on the very bottom of the list, while Original and Deluxe pack weapons will be on the very top.

  • Floccinaucinihilipilifica
    Oooh, tell me more about those glitches. Might have some interest in seeking them out.

    Nevermind, found a video you made. I would have had FUN with the colors glitch. Maybe in an update we could have that option, like a color 1, and a color 2. Just for fun of course.

    Or maybe in the future different schemes and decorations could be made available. Who knows?
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  • blue_moon
    I remember back in V1.1 when I found out the infinite colors glitch, custom explosion size and kick settings, etc...

    Since then, editing the game's *.cfg files has been significantly less rewarding.

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  • prateek
    Most of us already knew most of this stuff. Nice post though.

    btw, I just followed the link in your siggy, and boy,you are REALLY taking this server thing seriously.Good job.

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