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  • New Game Layout

    many games i played in my childhood didnt grow up
    very few games have evolved in graphics and gameplay
    games like, mario, sonic, quake, age of empires etc
    recently one of my fav game "Road Rash" was announced for a great comeback

    I wish Pocket Tanks 2.0 will evolve with greater graphics and gameplay

    rightnow, PT is an overkill... so so many weapons but in gameplay except shooting the enemy nothing much is there
    basically its like a Deck of cards game. repeatedly the same gameplay

    i would like to suggest some features/ideas for Pocket Tanks 2.0 or a new game

    a HTML5 based game would be great
    im not sure what game engine is using but its awesome

    the game layout should be like that of township, farmville etc

    build roads to move tanks.
    tanks cant move away from roads
    build shields, dome, and other defense structures to protect tanks

    have levels
    level 1
    1 road patch
    1 weapon

    level 2
    2 road patch
    2 weapons

    after level 10
    upgrade roads, add bunkers, upgrade weapons
    add defense structures etc

    make it a daily progress games
    so that player can continue games daily