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Instant Replay... A Request

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  • Instant Replay... A Request

    I am new here and trying to navigate through the many posts. Sorry if this has been discussed previously.

    After playing an online turn and waiting for my opponent to play, Instant Replay is available. However, once my opponent plays and it becomes my turn, Instant Replay of my last move disappears. Sometimes it is hours between moves and I may have several games in progress. How convenient it would be to have the Instant Replay of my last move available before I take my next move! Often (most of the time actually) I cannot recall how my aim was on the previous shot and I repeat mistakes that would easily be avoided with slight adjustments. These adjustments I can make ion the context of a game with continuity, but in games broken up by long pauses, not so much. Is there a way to make Instant Replay available in such a manner as I described?

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    For the benefit of others who have a similar issue, you can tap the game field to bring up the pause screen, which includes the Instant Replay button and other replay functions.
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