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  • Probably a stupid question

    I've recently downloaded the Mobile App version of this game (and followed the links to find this site). There is one bit of info that has been driving me a little nuts to find out. Can't find it anywhere.

    Hopefully the more knowledgeable and awesome people on this forum can help this n00b out: How can I move my tank (i.e. drive it around) in-game? I have seen the CPU do it a couple times, but I cannot figure out how with only a touch screen for data input. I did see that someone had said how to do so on a computer (e.g. laptop or desktop), but I don't have a mouse wheel to scroll on my cell phone...

    Thanks in advance. I'm really enjoying the game and am quite impressed (after perusing the forums here and seeing how much work went into it before the app existed) with the community's dedication here and all that happened before the app was created. Kudos to all who contributed to that! Great app!


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    Press the move button?
    Oh Lord, bless this thy hand grenade that with it thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits... in thy mercy.