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What happens if an online game is abandoned ?

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  • What happens if an online game is abandoned ?

    I already asked this exact question in a thread just a day ago, that for some reason appears to have been deleted without any explanation. So I would like to ask again: what happens with online games that are abandoned by the opponent ? Will they time out after a certain amount of time has passed and deem the player with the most points the winner ? Or is this a simply allowed as a loophole for quitters that won't admit defeat ? I enjoy being able to play quick matches with random players online, and I just recently bought the Deluxe Version on Android to show my support for this game. I don't mind if an online match is allowed up to a week to be completed. But in the spirit of the game itself, a match is a match so what's the point of an online mode if players can abandon the match without a time limit before a winner is deemed ?
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    They time out after 96 hours- 4 days... Player who abandoned match looses.


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      Thanks for letting me know. I only downloaded the game three days ago, and I couldn't find any information about this anywhere else. Maybe it could be noted in the game in a future update ? Pocket Tanks for Android is my first time experiencing a turn-based online game where the player can exit mid-game, so it would be nice if this information could be mentioned in the game for clarification.