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    Re: Weapon Combinations

    Here's a Cyclone Pack Combo: Slammer + Cyclone

    If you have the Slammer and Cyclone then hit the tank first with the Slammer. Then if the tank cannot escape, land the Cyclone right next to it. The points will eventually increase over time until the weapon wears off


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      Re: Weapon Combinations

      The Cyclone also works well with Quicksand and weapons that creates dirt but Mudpie works very well with the Cyclone


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        Re: Weapon Combinations

        Another Corkscrew Combo. Corkscrew + Slime Ball


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          Re: Weapon Combinations

          Found some more combos

          Fire in the hole + Cyclone
          Corkscrew + Pot o' Gold
          Corkscrew + Glacier
          Super Funnel + Laser Grenade


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            Re: Weapon Combinations

            Cauldron + Puddle Jumper. This combo requires perfect aiming to pull off


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              Re: Weapon Combinations

              A couple Cauldron combos have been discovered

              Cauldron + Water Balloons
              Cauldron + Popcorn
              Cauldron + Burnt Popcorn


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                Re: Weapon Combinations

                Another Power Grid combo that uses Molten Plastic, very effective if the tank is not completely covered on rubber and it lands near it, not next to it
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                  Re: Weapon Combinations

                  Molten Plastic + Mudpie

                  If used correctly it can cover a large area in dirt rather than a single location


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                    Re: Weapon Combinations

                    Molten Plastic + Lob-o-Matic

                    Land it right into the plastic with the enemy tank next to it and watch the carnage unfold


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                      Frostbite + Scorcher = frostburn damage!

                      Hit the tank directly with Frostbite and it will be frozen in it's tracks. Now hit the frozen tank with a Scorcher and watch the ice erupt in flames with points piling up afterwards


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                        Two more Cauldron Combos have been discovered

                        Cauldron + Oil Slick: Throw a Oil Slick into the Cauldron with the tank in it and it'll roast with a large point bonus awarded in return

                        Cauldron + Bouncy Ball: With some luck, a Bouncy Ball can be tossed in the Cauldron and it'll bounce inside the pot. In the aftermath it will either fill the Cauldron with bouncy dirt or surround the tank with rubber walls, making it a improvised Funnel


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                          Found a Quantum Pack Combo: Ion Cannon + Oil Slick

                          Depending on the size of the hole created from the Ion Cannon (bigger holes are okay), hurl some Oil Slick into the hole where the tank is in. This will flood it with oil and then ignite with lots of points being racked up


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                            Found a handful of Ion Cannon Combos. Remember to make the weapon bounce off the wall if possible and the bigger the hole, the more effective the combo will be

                            Ion Cannon + Power Washer
                            Ion Cannon + Bubble Blast
                            Ion Cannon + Trailblazer
                            Ion Cannon + Jump Rope
                            Ion Cannon + Puddle Jumper
                            Ion Cannon + Shock Wave
                            Ion Cannon + Comet
                            Ion Cannon + Rubber Paint
                            Ion Cannon + Fireball
                            Ion Cannon + Fuzz Ball


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                              Two more combos with one that uses the Ion Cannon and the other that uses the Bouncy Tunnel

                              Ion Cannon + Ant Farm
                              Bouncy Tunnel + Fission Bomb


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                                Two more Ion Cannon Combos, works well when the hole is very deep

                                Ion Cannon + Popcorn
                                Ion Cannon + Burnt Popcorn