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Any Possibility of a Steam release?

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  • Any Possibility of a Steam release?

    At least on PC, if a game isn't on Steam, it doesn't get a lot of attention unless it gets a lot of publicity. Most companies can't pull that kind of publicity unless they're EA, or Blizzard. I personally hate the Windows Store and refuse to use it, or buy any games from it, and I know I'm not in the minority. I've seen this same opinion a lot around the internet. I really hope that Blitwise hasn't gotten tied up in legal ropes by Microsoft, that might be preventing any kind of Steam releases. Pocket Tanks could sell decently well on Steam. I would bet money that it would sell better than it currently does on any other platform. The only thing you'd need to do is adjust the price, so that it is in line with it's mobile price tags.
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    It's always a possibility and is definitely one of our goals for Pocket Tanks. This year we are planning on some major love for our flagship, across all the platforms. I don't know that Steam will be a result in 2018, but I'd like to think it can be.

    Revisiting the price is also on the table. I can say for a fact that we won't be looking for parity with the mobile price though. It's pretty common, even with today's race for the bottom, to see games with a price difference between PC/Console platforms and Mobile. You price for the marketplace that you're targeting. (Look at Baldur's Gate EE, Papers Please, Thimbleweed Park, Darkest Dungeon, etc.)
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