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  • :shocked:Minmay will do his usual, thorough, job, leave him alone.
    While we're at though, what is "a bunch of water" (ref Torpedo)?
    How can you have a bunch of water?
    Sorry for being a git.


    • Uhh, don't leave me alone. The whole idea with this guide was for other people to point out flaws and potential improvements.

      However, I do not see any problem with using the term "a bunch."


      • a bunch is relative, however. a bunch of 'naners is about 7-8, while a bunch of grapes is something like 20.

        big difference there.
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        • Well, if you want to go and count the water droplets, be my guest.


          • well, i can guestimate that for for a big explosion, you can expect at least six water balloon's worth of water blasting out, and for every 1/2 second it's underground, you can expect 1 water balloon's worth to be spawned.
            Up, Down, and All Around.


            • Hey guys, I finally fixed the broken images in the Deluxe and Demo packs. Yay!


              • He forgot one weapon

                Originally posted by minmay View Post
                Super and Tornado packs (plus the obligatory part about which expansion packs to purchase):

                SUPER PACK


                Fires 15 projectiles, which do spread out a bit. They each do 5 damage, and if they enter the terrain, they'll act like a combination of Heatseekers and Ground Hogs. In other words, they dig in straight lines until they near the enemy tank, at which point they will zoom towards it. A good weapon, assuming there's a lot of dirt around.

                Gamma Blaster

                Using the Gamma Blaster is simple. Fire it directly towards your enemy at 0 power. No exceptions. Oh, you want to know how powerful it is, don't you? Well, depending on how accurate and close you are, you'll get anywhere from 60 to 80 points. Not that great, but it's very easy to use, and works in every situation.


                Acts much like the Buzzsaw,'s bouncier, and the explosions do 30 damage instead of 20, and its final blast does 50 damage. Yeah, it's a lot better than the Buzzsaw - in fact, this is a great weapon. You basically use it like you would the Buzzsaw, and it's capable of a whole lot of damage.

                Flea Circus

                Spews out 15 fleas, which hop around a bit, and if they hit a tank, they'll pop and do 5 damage. If they don't hit a tank for a while, they'll just...pop. This isn't a great weapon, since it doesn't do all that much damage (about 60 on average), but it's not too bad, either.
                Flea Circus has poor handling of glue. Sometimes, the fleas will pop on contact with glue, but most of the time, they'll ignore it. Presumably, they're supposed to pop, but they usually don't. Do not expect glue to be an effective defense against this weapon.

                Super Star

                Upon nearing the tank, bursts into three stars, which orbit the enemy tank and shoot it, then explode. Their explosions do 20 damage; their shots do 2. Assuming you use the weapon right (i.e., when the enemy tank is NOT near the bottom of the screen), you can get anywhere from 130 to 200 points - which is very good, especially considering you don't need to get very close to the enemy tank. An extremely valuable weapon.

                TORNADO PACK


                It's difficult to explain what this weapon does. Basically, the closer it lands to the tank, the more damage it will do. It does about 90 on a direct hit. But wait, there's more! Erm, well, actually, there isn't. Supposedly there's some really powerful hidden attribute, but the people who know about it are keeping their mouths shut. Anyway, it is a great weapon, I'll leave it to you to figure out why.
                Oh, you think I know the powerful hidden attribute? Well, very well. If you get a truly direct hit - meaning that you plop the shot down right in the middle of their tank, right under their cannon (it's not a turret, it's a cannon, the turrets on these tanks aren't even visible), then you can get about 300 points.

                Fizz Bombs

                Fires a group of small fizzy bombs, which jump around and release smoke. The smoke doesn't do much damage - a perfect shot will only get you about 60. A somewhat poor quality weapon - it just doesn't get very many points, and has no other useful features. On the other hand, the bombs are NOT affected by glue (though this may just be a Flea Circus case).

                Glue Gun

                When it nears your opponent, the Glue Gun fires a bit of hot glue. The quantity of glue isn't much, and it does very little damage (about 40 at best), and besides, glue is a defensive weapon! Indeed, the Glue Gun is not an especially useful item. Pretty much the only thing it's good for is neutralizing a Shield or Shelter, but there are better choices for that (see below).

                Glue Storm

                Causes a huge quantity of glue to rain down from the skies. Basically, it coats the entire map with glue. A very valuable weapon if your opponent has stocked up on weapons that don't like glue - otherwise, it's somewhat less appealing. It is also excellent at ruining Shelters and Shields.


                Upon nearing your enemy, releases three circles, which zoom towards their tank like crazy and pound it repeatedly. If they hit terrain, they'll simply bounce off without being affected (unless the tank itself is blocked by terrain, in which case they'll pound through it). It will do 90 damage in the end, and also lift your opponent up into the air quite a bit. It's a very good weapon; easy enough to hit with, and does a good quantity of damage.

                Hot Coals

                Fires a spread of coal, which ignites upon nearing your opponent. The ignited coals create flames, and do 1 damage each if they collide with a tank. They'll also roll around a bit. Unignited coals will simply settle on the ground as dirt. Used in the perfect situation, you can actually do around 150 damage with this weapon - but that requires you being quite near your opponent. Otherwise, you can expect anything from 40 to 120 damage. It's a really good weapon - if you can use it right! As for actually using it right, it basically comes down to using the wind to direct the shots into the tank such that they have as little vertical velocity (and probably as much horizontal velocity) as possible.

                Saucer Attack

                Calls in two flying saucers, one from each side of the screen. If a saucer collides with terrain, it will create a massive explosion and do 250 damage. The explosion even causes terrain to hang in the air - and that terrain can't be brought down by any means other than destroying it. Otherwise, it will just cruise over to the enemy tank, fire 15 bullets (which do 2 damage each, bounce, and are only fired downward, so if your opponent is somehow above them, the bullets won't hit, however the saucers will when they move up) and ascend to the heavens. Generally, you'll just get the 60 damage and that's it, which is pretty good considering there's no need to aim the weapon, and it can be used in pretty much any situation. However, if your opponent is positioned just right, you can get a saucer to collide with them, and...hoo boy. Let's just say they won't be happy about it. So yeah, it's a great weapon.
                Okay, here's something else. The saucer that comes from the RIGHT side of the screen can bounce off of Bubble Wrap's bouncy terrain. It apparently doesn't work with any other bouncy weapon, nor with the left saucer. I don't think any of us have any idea why this is.


                Upon landing, carpets the nearby ground with flames. The flames are very powerful, but fizzle out quickly; you want to use it in a situation where as many flames as possible are funneled into the enemy. Irregular terrain is good for this. In a bad situation, you'll get around 50 damage; in a good one (especially when your opponent is on an Island or Elevator), you could get as much as 200. Yes, it's a good weapon. A great weapon, in fact.


                Creates a thin, bouncy shield wherever you aim, with a tiny hole to fire from. It's basically like a Shelter, only it won't constrain your movement, and the firing hole is smaller. Beware: skilled opponents may still be able to negotiate their shots into the hole, and the Shield is easy to take out if there's other terrain near it. Still, it's a great item, and probably a lot less risky than the Shelter.

                Smoke Bomb

                Bounces on the terrain (but not much) and upon nearing the enemy or bouncing too much, it bursts, and creates a bunch of smoke. This smoke is very weak; it does randomize the enemy's angle and power, but you'll only do 30 damage at best, and that's quite an optimistic estimate. Since the randomizing feature is totally worthless, you can pretty much forget this weapon.


                Creates a herd of 20 miniature cruisers upon landing. These cruisers do 5 damage each, and cruise quite far. When they explode, their tiny blasts don't damage the terrain. Oh, if the initial projectile hits a tank, it will also do 25 damage. You'll find that in most cases, only a few cruisers will hit the tank, because they will bounce it up and carry it over the rest. Thus, this weapon must be used when your opponent is backed up against a wall. Correctly used in this way, it will get you 100 (or 125) points, so it's worth it. A good weapon.

                Thor's Hammer

                Upon nearing your opponent's tank, the hammer will strike it with a bolt of lightning, doing 50 damage, then it will fall. If you can get the hammer to fall on your opponent, it will do an additional 40 damage. So it's a pretty nice weapon, but it's not particularily great.


                Creates a tornado that cruises along the ground, and shreds up the terrain. It cruises quite far, and it's mainly useful for grinding up glue and bouncy dirt (yes, the Tornado is not thwarted by glue, unless it is created on glue). If it collides with a tank, it will do 30 damage and send the tank ridiculously high into the air. Basically, it's for getting rid of glue and repositioning your opponent. But those two attributes aren't too great - this is a mediocre weapon.

                Tractor Beam

                Well, looks like this is the end of the weapons guide. Bye.

                Oh, oh. I suppose you'll be wanting a description of the Tractor Beam.
                Well, fine, have it your way. Man, I hate this job.
                The Tractor Beam creates a, um, tractor beam wherever it lands. It will pull tanks into the sky, and even out of dirt. When a tank is in the sky, it will gradually take damage, but not much (about 40 at best, the best possible is actually 50, but that requires your opponent being at the very top of the screen AND a dead-on hit). The best use for this weapon is to use it on yourself when buried - you can safely extract yourself from the dirt, losing minimal points if any at all. Still, that's about all it's good for - so it's a pretty poor quality weapon.

                Oh hi guys. I had a part here about which expansion packs to buy but it sucked.
                Buy the collector's edition instead! It's a better deal!
                Here's some proof that minmay forgot the Run 'n' Gun weapon
                Flak Vs. Flak, who will win?
                Not the tanks, the defenses.The blue Flak has a Lava Cannon and the red Flak has an Earth Mover. Who do you think will destroy the Flak(the defensive one) first?



                • Here are some additional information about the weapons in this guide.

                  ACID PACK

                  Acid Bombs - They are not very useful if you want to free yourself from dirt. It also puts them into a badly-shaped hole, which in the tank needs to higher their aim.

                  Bubble Wrap - When the projectile hits the ground, it creates the ring, and the ring cuts through any part of terrain, which is hit by the layers.

                  Bulldozer - A useful way to remove alot of dirt, but it removes everything in its path, so, it could also remove your defenses.

                  Burn Barrel - If the barrel hits a short slope or a bump, there is a tendency that it may come back to you.

                  Cauldron - Hitting the tank directly may be somewhat useful.

                  Char - Even though there are bouncy sounds, the particles of Char can even break through bouncy dirt.

                  Chroma Blaster - A good weapon when the enemy is in a Funnel-shaped pit.

                  Dive Bomb - The projectile and the bombs CAN hit if you are near the enemy, or if there is a ledge blocking the movement of the projectile.

                  Lead Balloon - Since it's heavy and bounces on bouncy dirt, do not fire this if you're protected or blocked by a bouncy structure where the Lead Balloon could crash.

                  Mower - If you fire this at a tank with terrain, it deals damage, and the tank goes to the hole, and the rotating blades float on the air. This weapon causes huge damage if you fire this at a tank when there is few or no terrain.

                  Time Bomb - Since it's 10 seconds and it's bouncy, fire it at a hole where it cannot escape, to prevent it going back to you.

                  Trailblazer - You can also use this near and enemy and at a Funnel-shaped pit, so you will not deal any damage, and you can earn huge points.

                  Toaster - The explosion has almost the same size of the Earth Mover's explosion, so, you can plan for an upcoming Earth Mover shot. You can also hit the enemy when they are buried deeply in dirt, however, you will not remove it.

                  Zipper - The zigging and zagging of these projectiles can even pass the tank, so it is a bad weapon.
                  Flak Vs. Flak, who will win?
                  Not the tanks, the defenses.The blue Flak has a Lava Cannon and the red Flak has an Earth Mover. Who do you think will destroy the Flak(the defensive one) first?



                  • Nice to be visiting your fourm again, it has been months for me. I need this article to complete my assignment in college. Thanks.


                    • Originally posted by julianchou11 View Post
                      Nice to be visiting your fourm again, it has been months for me. I need this article to complete my assignment in college. Thanks.
                      You need this article to finish your project? What do you need here? :confused:

                      Or is it spam?
                      Flak Vs. Flak, who will win?
                      Not the tanks, the defenses.The blue Flak has a Lava Cannon and the red Flak has an Earth Mover. Who do you think will destroy the Flak(the defensive one) first?



                      • Re: Weapons Guide

                        can anyone write Ice pack guide please??


                        • Re: Weapons Guide

                          weapons in Ice
                          Pack are as follows :
                          Ice Crush: Supercooled terrain turns into a huge
                          dry ice bomb
                          Liquid Nitrogen: Liquified gas skitters about and
                          freezes tanks solid before boiling off
                          Flash Freeze : Ice crystals burst forth and shatter
                          into millions of pieces
                          Avalanche : Boulders made of snow knock tanks
                          Snowdrift : Soft fluffy snow blows in the wind
                          and sticks to tanks

                          Originally posted by TalKSicK333 View Post
                          Here is the album link whic contains the pics:

                          Also a short description on the weapons -

                          Ice Crush:
                          The projectile lands, and starts branching underground. After some time, the branches create ice triangles & shatter , damaging the tank and also forming a layer of ice.

                          Liquid Nitrogen:
                          The projectile lands, and small ice particles start forming at the point and start moving both left and right. Particles which hit the tank damage and solidify.

                          Flash Freeze
                          The projectile bounces a few times (or until it hits a tank), and ice starts branching upwards from the point where it stops. The structure melts and turns into water particles which damage on contact.

                          The projectile lands, and ice boulders start to form, which move both left and right. The boulders push & damage the tank and also solidify after some time.

                          The projectile lands, and snow particles start to fall, which move towards the enemy tank. They solidify on contact but does not cause damage.
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                          • Re: Weapons Guide

                            Originally posted by minmay View Post


                            Hedge is pretty much Firecracker, but much, much larger, and it adds terrain instead of taking it away. Said terrain floats in the air.
                            It is also capable of more damage than Firecracker; the original projectile, if it hits a tank, will do 20 points of damage. Overall you can expect about 40, but the main use of Hedge is the terrain it creates (presumably used to bury your opponent or defend yourself from, say, Solar Flare) rather than the points it makes.
                            Should Hedge hit the bottom of the map, it will create many Single Shot (60 point) explosions in addition to terrain (though said terrain will be destroyed by said explosions anyway). This can do tremendous damage (potentially thousands, but more likely around 200) if your opponent happens to be at the bottom of the map.
                            In new 1.6 version of Pocket Tanks there is no that glitch. Edge do not explode like many Single shots when hit the bottom of the screen.
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                            • Re: Weapons Guide

                              This is a great guide. Makes me want to buy all of the 15-weapon packs.