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  • Weapons Guide

    For the guide to the Acid and Magic packs, click here.
    For the Rocket Pack, click here.
    For the Laser Pack, click here.
    For the Party and Blast packs, click here.

    I've made slight updates to this guide. Some descriptions have been changed to be less ambiguous, and to rely on other descriptions less.
    Do not consider it necessary to re-read the guide. Please. Don't.

    So here it is:


    Weapons are sorted by expansion pack, and then alphabetically.
    Hopefully this will allow you to find a particular weapon relatively quickly.



    Fires ten miniature Cruisers, five to one side of your target, five to the other side. When they land, the ones that were shot short of the target will move forward; the ones shot past the target will move backwards. Each one does 10 damage and has an extremely tiny blast. (That's a total of 100 damage if all of them hit, in case you can't do arithmetic.) Overall, the uses for this weapon are pretty broad, as the cruisers go quite far; however, it is hampered by the tendency of the blast of one cruiser to lift the tank up and allow others to actually pass under the tank. The problem only worsens when the cruisers not only pass up the enemy tank, but go all the way back to yours. All in all, however, this is a pretty good weapon.


    Fires one projectile; once the projectile gets close to the enemy or hits the ground, it bursts into 75 bees. The bees bounce on the terrain a bit, and act a lot like Heatseekers otherwise. Each bee point of damage with an essentially nonexistant blast radius. So we're not exactly looking at an instant game-winner here (even if there are a lot of bees, only about half of them will actually hit).
    Overall, though, it is a nice little weapon, since you don't need to be very accurate to score points with it.

    Blast Off

    Essentially, this is the Jump Jets, but with more power. It also clears the dirt in front of and behind your tank (as though you just fired two small versions of the Dirt Mover) before blasting, which gives it a second purpose as a method of getting yourself out of a Dirtball, although the dirt removed isn't much, so you can't get out of a Big Dirtball or Mud Pie. Basically, you'd use it whenever you'd use Jump Jets.

    Bouncy Wall

    Creates a wall, just like the Magic Wall, except this one is quite a bit shorter and also a little thinner. However, this wall is made entirely of bouncy dirt. It's mainly defensive (just plop it down right in front of you and watch the other player miss horribly as they try to use the wind to curve around it), however, you can also use it as an offensive aid (shoot it behind your opponent to bounce shots into their tank). There are plenty of other uses for it, too, but those are the two most frequent.
    Essentially, it is a defensive weapon. You would probably do better with a Shield or Shelter, but if neither of those are available, this is your next choice.


    This is a fairly simple weapon. It fires ten bullets in a small spread, each bullet with a tiny blast radius that does 5 damage. It's a nice weapon if you have a Funnel or if your enemy is very close, in which case you should be able to get all the shots to hit; otherwise expect to get only around 25 points with a perfect shot.

    Carpet Bomb

    Fires ten bombs in a spread that could only be described as a flying, expanding straight line. Basically, the farther away the target, the more the spread; therefore it will be just as easy to hit a faraway target as it will to hit a nearby one, but the damage you do will suffer. The bombs each do 10 damage and have a fairly respectable blast radius, by the way.
    The best way to use this weapon would probably be to wait until you have a straight shot to your opponent, at which point you should be able to hit with all 10 bombs and get that luscious 100-point shot.

    Fire in the Hole

    When the projectile hits the terrain (or, preferrably, a tank), the following three steps take place:
    1. A moderate-sized explosion, which does no damage and does NOT cause terrain to collapse
    2. An explosion of fire (the kind that sticks to the ground), which will fill in the hole and not do much else. According to my intensive research, if all the fire particles happen to be right on top of the tank, it will do 38 damage per step with seven steps, netting a whopping 266 damage. Unfortunately, this situation can really only happen if you fire the weapon on yourself, which is not the best use of it (although you CAN do it by firing the weapon right at the base of the enemy while they're at the bottom of the map. Unfortunately, very few people will let you do that).
    3. As a grand finale, it fills in the hole with dirt, covering the tank that is (hopefully) inside it.
    So, overall, this is a great weapon to have, combining good, sometimes great, damage with...dirt.

    Ground Shocker

    When the projectile hits the ground, it sends a whole bunch of shock waves through the ground in a wide arc. When they reach the air or the bottom of the screen, they detonate in small explosions which each deal 5 damage. It is rare for more than a couple of these to hit your opponent, so don't expect a lot of damage.
    By the way, if the starting projectile hits a tank, it just does 30 damage and nothing else. If it lands near your enemy, then it will do some of that 30 damage and also send out the shock waves. Think of it as having a small, invisible, instantaneous blast radius that only affects tanks and not the terrain.
    Since it does very little damage, this is not a very attractive weapon. There is, however, one situation in which it can be extremely powerful; if your enemy is on the other side of a Magic Wall or similar structure. Simply shoot it into one side of the wall and hope that the shock waves go through and hit the enemy tank, resulting in a whole mess of damage.


    When this projectile nears the enemy tank, it begins rapidly dropping bombs with tiny blast radii that do 10 damage each. The projectile itself does 30 damage and has a quite small blast radius. The best method of using this is to wait until you're up close and there's a bit of wind (about 30) then shoot it almost straight up. Done correctly, you can get a good deal of points.
    At long range, your best hope is to aim it so that it lands slightly behind the enemy tank, which will hopefully lead to maximized damage from both the bombs and the projectile itself.
    Since the damage it can do is quite limited, this is not a great weapon; however, it's not a bad one either, and its usage scope is quite broad.
    There's also a bug with Lob-o-Matic that's worth noting: if shot straight up into the air, it will, for one reason or another, suddenly bend its trajectory (even with no wind). There's really no use for it, but it doesn't hurt to mention it.


    Fires a spray of 25 bullets, each one acting like a very tiny Heatseeker. Each does 4 damage; you can expect to get about 80 points at medium range, 50 at long range. This is a nice weapon, as it is both easy to hit with and easy to do decent damage with.

    Magic Forest

    When the projectile hits the ground (or a tank, for that matter) it shatters into ten more projectiles, which all grow into much, much shorter versions of the Magic Wall. This really isn't a very useful weapon, simply because the walls are too tiny to make a difference. The weapon does have a couple uses; fire it directly on the enemy tank to prevent them from moving and make it difficult for them to fire.
    In the end, though, this is not the most attractive weapon around. In fact, it's at the very bottom end of the dirt weapons. Pass.

    Particle Bomb

    When the projectile hits the ground or gets very close to the enemy tank, it shatters into a quantity of small fragments (exact number unknown until someone decides to take a screenshot during the explosion and count them). Each fragment has an extremely, extremely tiny blast radius, but does 10 damage. You can expect anything from 60 to 120 damage, so this isn't one to be passed up. In combination with a Funnel (or if you manage to shoot it into a Shelter) it can do even more damage.
    This is a very no-nonsense weapon; it's useful in any situation that you can get it to the enemy tank, and you don't need to worry about any lingering side effects. This wide usage scope makes it one of the better weapons around.

    Quad Missile

    When the projectile nears the enemy tank, it bursts into four missiles, each sent out at a perfect diagonal, one in each of four directions. After about a half-second of drifting out, they lock onto the enemy tank and begin flying at it at top speed. Generally, two will hit the tank directly, and the other two will get close. Since each missile has a large blast radius and does 20 damage, you'll average about 65 damage - which is pretty good considering that you don't have to get very close to the enemy tank. Basically, this is a nice weapon to have.

    Rainbow Dirt

    You know what the Firecracker weapon does, right? Well, Rainbow Dirt acts exactly like the Firecracker...except it swaps out the small explosions for small explosions of dirt. The dirt created is usually enough to prevent an enemy from firing out of it, but possibly not, so make sure you can follow up with another dirt weapon upon using it. Don't be fooled by that fact, however; this is a great weapon, as you coat a wide enough area that your opponent will find it difficult to move anywhere, even after using a Dirt Mover or a similar weapon.

    Super Laser

    This is fired just like the regular Laser, and does the same damage, however, this one can go through terrain. However, if it has to go into dirt and then re-emerge three times, the fourth encounter with terrain will cause it to burst harmlessly right there and then. It is much more valuable than the regular Laser - just remember that you will need to gauge the proper angle very, very precisely. With practice it will eventually come to you naturally, but until then, you'll find it rather embarrassing.


    Acid Rain

    The projectile acts like a Homing Missile, zooming down on the enemy tank once directly over it. However, the similarities end there. When this one lands, it bounces up a little, and creates a cloud, which then rains 50 drops of acid rain down, which each have tiny blast radii that do 1 damage. Note that the projectile is affected by wind when it bounces up, and the rain is also affected by the wind. Therefore, strong winds completely nullify the effectiveness of this weapon, although if the winds are blowing towards your enemy, you can land the shot a bit in front of them and let the wind carry it to the perfect spot over their head.
    If there's no wind (or very little) the Acid Rain is an excellent weapon, doing nearly twice the damage of the Homing Missile without requiring better aim. However, without calm skies (or a Funnel), the weapon is pretty much worthless.
    Also note that the projectile pops on its way up if it hits ground or a tank before creating a cloud.

    Chaos Grenade

    This grenade bounces on the terrain (quite a bit, too). When it comes near the enemy tank, it detonates into a number of other weapons, including the Jackhammer, Worm, Magic Wall, Dirt Slinger, Dirtball, Bouncy get the idea. It doesn't actually do as much damage as you'd expect (generally around 40), but it creates a lot of dirt, and if you aim it right, you can bury your opponent quite deep. The combination of damage, dirt, and ease of use makes this a very powerful weapon that definitely won't remain in the weapon shop for long.

    Lightning Strike

    When the projectile nears the enemy, it creates a circle of lightning bolts. Each bolt does 15 damage and creates a fair-sized explosion. It is rare to get a whole lot of damage with this weapon, but it is easy to hit with. That's about it; there's nothing else notable about it. No special situations where it proves totally awesome or totally worthless; after the effects are explained, that's about all. You can go on to the next weapon now. Any time.


    When the projectile nears the enemy, it creates a circle of small bullets which go right through terrain. However, the bullets quickly detonate into very small explosions which deal 10 damage each, and it is pretty difficult to hit with more than two of them, so don't expect a lot of damage with it. Basically, this weapon is for penetrating dirt to damage your opponent without actually destroying the dirt. However, it is not particularily effective at this; Late Bloomer, Worm, Phantom, etc. are all much more effective at this, and have many more uses besides. The Porcupine is not, as a whole, a particularily useful weapon, and generally remains in the weapon shop for a long time.

    Tar Ball

    I love this one. When it hits the ground (or better yet, a tank), it creates a large circle of tar, which sticks wherever you put it rather than collapsing (unlike dirt), and also does 30 damage. Think of it as a Big Dirtball with damage tossed in, and just to sweeten the deal, it works just as well even when your enemy is on, say, a Pedestal. If it appears, you should probably grab it, and do so quickly before your enemy gets their paws on it.
    Be careful - since it does damage, it pushes the opponent out of the way a bit, and if you have explosion kick set to Large or even Medium, it's easy to propel the enemy all the way out of the blast radius. To counter this, simply hit them in a way that will hammer them against a wall.
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    First half of Deluxe Pack (too many images to post the whole thing):

    Big Dirtball

    Acts very much like a Dirtball, only it creates a lot more dirt. This is on the higher end of the dirt weapons, with a large and predictable payload. If you see your enemy taking one of these, scramble for the Dirt Mover, Well Digger, Mountain Mover, Earth Mover, or whatever excavation weapon is present, as a single regular weapon will rarely be sufficient to separate yourself from the soil.


    Acts quite like a Cruiser, only the explosion is much larger and does 40 damage rather than 20, and it also cruises backwards instead of forwards (hence the name). It also cruises a much greater distance. Since it is generally more useful to go backwards than forwards, and you always want more damage, it's quite a bit better than the Cruiser.

    Bouncy Dirt

    When the projectile lands, it bursts into a bunch of little bouncy balls, which turn any terrain they touch into bouncy dirt.
    Bouncy dirt causes any weapon that hits it to bounce off, except for Super Lasers, X-Ray Cannons, Gamma Blasters, and Mass Drivers.
    This is the basic bouncy weapon, and it's really not all that nice because it can't rubberize much terrain. Other bouncy dirt weapons, like the Funnel, tend to be much more worthwhile.

    Cannon Ball

    The Cannon Ball is similar to the Sniper Rifle in a lot of ways - it does the same damage and has the same push strength and the same lack of a blast radius - however, this one actually rolls and bounces along a bit. This allows you to be a little less precise in your aiming, making it a more valuable weapon. There are two great ways to use this weapon. Number one is firing it to one side of your enemy, and letting the wind roll it the rest of the way. Number two is to fire it so that it hits a wall and drops down on top of your enemy.
    When I see this one in the weapon shop, I generally can't resist grabbing for it; it just does so much damage so easily.

    Color Bomb

    The projectile that this weapon fires bounces quite a lot, and when it gets close to the enemy (it doesn't need to be very close, so watch out), it releases a bunch of little colored dots (30 to be exact) that bounce around a bit and create tiny blasts which deal 5 damage each once they find a tank (or bounce around too much). You can expect anything from 10 to 150 damage; it's all in how you use it. You want the land to be curving towards your enemy, since the dots go where the nearby geography tells them to. A Funnel might be useful. Also be aware that the wind may blow the dots away from your opponent.
    Overall, this is a very good weapon. It can be used in a lot of situations and is effective in most of them, and is never particularily difficult to do damage with.
    Try to avoid being stupid enough to hit yourself with the initial ball - it will do 100 points of damage (as well as send your tank flying).

    Crater Maker

    The Crater Maker is identical to the Mountain Mover, except it also does 30 damage. At first, this seems like it would make the weapon more attractive, however, you usually use a Mountain Mover to get yourself out of dirt - and you don't want to be losing 30 points in the meantime, do you? You may want to hold back on this one.


    As the name implies, this is a mix of the Cruiser and Dirtball. It cruises much farther than a regular Cruiser, however, and it creates much less dirt than a purepred Dirtball. This better-than-one, worse-than-the-other relationship makes it a fairly unique weapon in and of itself. Since it can still generally prevent your opponent from firing out of the dirt (or at least restrict their aim to only a select few degrees), and you really don't need any skill at all when it comes to aiming it, it's a quite valuable weapon. Skilled players, however, may prefer the more powerful dirt weapons.


    Sends a beam on a straight line, wherever you aim. This beam eliminates terrain of all kinds, and goes about half the width of the screen before it burns out. Terrain dug out by the Digger does not collapse until a weapon is fired upon it. The Digger has three uses: digging a tunnel out of dirt, digging a tunnel through dirt to give you a better shot, or digging a tunnel down into the Earth so that you can hide deep underground from your opponent's aerial attacks. Overall, it's a moderately useful tool. (If you do choose to dig downwards, you are advised to angle slightly to one direction, to make yourself more difficult to hit. Just be aware that if you angle too far you won't slide down the resulting tunnel, and will need to waste moves and/or weapons.)

    Fire Bolt

    This fires a single bolt of fire - very strong fire, I might add. If you can land it right on your enemy, it will burn for 10 damage on each burn, with about eight burns for a long-range shot or 12 burns if you really waste no time in getting it to them. It's basically a version of the Sniper Rifle without any kick. It's a slightly substandard weapon, but still not a particularily bad choice.

    Fission Bomb

    When this projectile hits the ground, it will burst into a very large arc of small...bullet thingies. They could be exploding albino ducks, for all we know. Anyway, each one creates a tiny explosion that deals 10 damage to a tank unlucky enough to get caught in it. The arc is greatly affected by wind, and if you use the weapon correctly with a strong wind, you can net a huge amount of points (as much as 300 under certain circumstances). It is also extremely effective in conjunction with a Funnel, and you are advised to take advantage of that.

    Flash Blast

    A very simple weapon. Creates a respectable blast which does 40 damage and doesn't damage the terrain (it just chars it a little). Unfortunately, it does only do 40 damage, which isn't much, putting it on the lower end of the weapon spectrum. There's one situation in which it's quite useful; if your opponent is buried under only a thin layer of dirt, and you want to get some points without digging them out, this weapon fits the bill perfectly. But that's about all it's good for.
    A considerably more effective version is the Toaster.

    Glue Bomb

    When this projectile hits the ground (or a tank), it sprays glue all over. Any terrain touched by glue becomes...sticky. Sticky terrain causes cruising, bouncing, rolling, jumping, popping, etc. weapons to explode immediately on contact. It's definitely more of a defensive weapon than offensive. Spray it around yourself to defend your tank from a Cruiser, Popcorn, Skipper, or basically anything else that doesn't immediately explode on contact with terrain. Sounds great, right? Well, unfortunately not. The effects are rarely game-breaking, and it's all too simple for a skilled opponent to bypass the glue. Other, more heavy-duty glue weapons, such as the Glue Storm, however, may be plenty worth your time.

    Heavy Roller

    A version of the Roller with a larger blast radius and more damage (40). 40 damage still isn't much, though. It's still a no-go, although less of one than the regular Roller.

    Jump Jets

    When used, the Jump Jets actually launch your tank in the direction you aim. Use more power for a more powerful jump. Unfortunately, the power of the Jump Jets is somewhat limited (it won't fling your tank nearly as far as you can fling a weapon). You can use these to get closer to your enemy, further away from your enemy, out of a Funnel or other nasty position, over a large mound of dirt, or anything else that pops into your head. The Jump Jets are thus very versatile, and part of a balanced breakfast-erm, excuse me, a balanced arsenal.


    Fires a laser in a straight line. When the laser collides with the enemy, it not only sends them for quite a distance, it gives you a good 70 points. When it collides with the terrain, its reign of terror is ended rather anticlimactically. Although it does do a good deal of damage, it is greatly hampered by the fact that you do need a direct line of sight to your opponent, and a knack for drawing imaginary lines across the screen. Probably not the best choice.
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      Second half:

      Laser Battery

      When the projectile lands, it creates a circle of beams, each one creating a very small explosion that deals 5 damage. All the beams are aimed towards the center, so this one is really only effective if you get a direct hit. If your opponent is highly exposed, this weapon can do over 100 damage, which isn't bad. It's a pretty nice weapon.

      Late Bloomer

      This weapon acts like a Ground Hog, until it emerges from the ground. When it does, it shoots out five shots in an arc. Each shot has a small blast radius and does 20 damage. Alternatively, you can just hit the enemy tank. It's a nice weapon if you can get it to come out of the ground at or near your opponent. It is also a prime choice if you happen to be buried. Otherwise, it's somewhat less than outstanding, functioning essentially as a Sniper Rifle.

      Mega Cruiser

      Just like the Cruiser, only with a much larger blast radius and 30 damage instead of 20. Oh, it also cruises a little bit further. 30 damage still isn't that significant, even for a weapon that's so easy to hit with, so you might want to hold back on this one.


      Quickly rattles off seven shots, which deviate from your aim by up to one degree. Each shot has a very tiny blast radius that does a mere 10 damage. However, it's rare to get the full 70 damage, as actually hitting with all of the bullets without being very close or being aided by a Funnel is next to impossible. And 70 damage is pretty bad when you need a direct hit. This weapon just doesn't quite cut it.

      Mud Pie

      Here we have the dirt weapon to end all dirt weapons. When it hits the ground (or a tank), it spews 20 Big Dirtballs into the air. Yes, you read that right. If there's a lot of wind, you can easily put half the map underground. You can trust that this won't remain in the weapon shop for long; if you happen to be the unfortunate soul who is the victim of this weapon, you'd better have at least one excavation weapon saved up.

      Pin Cushion

      When the projectile nears the enemy, it bursts into 20 pins. The pins act a lot like Zappers, only they do 10 damage each instead of 40. If you can get the Pin Cushion to pop right over your opponent's head, you can easily get over 100 points. Add that to the relative ease of use, and you have a very attractive weapon.


      When popcorn hits the ground, it pops. The popcorn actually replicates itself while it pops; if every kernel pops, about 20 will have been created in the end. If a kernel hits a tank, it does 20 damage, but doesn't replicate itself. Used incorrectly, the Popcorn will get you only 20 or 40 points, or none at all. Used correctly, you can get well over 200 points. Not bad. Generally, the more enclosed your opponent is, the more damage you can do. If they've just used a Tunnel or Digger to get themselves out of dirt, you can expect a lot of points.


      Fires a spray of 21 bullets, each one acting like a very tiny version of the Pile Driver which has three tiny explosions, rather than five small ones, and earns 5 points instead of 20. Although it does generally do significant damage, it is primarily useful for grinding up the terrain around your opponent. Its usage scope is pretty broad, but it's never quite just the perfect weapon for a situation, putting it in the middle of the power scale.
      One excellent (but specific) use of the Potholes is to destroy a Great Wall. You can pretty much count on tearing it to pieces even if you don't actually destroy it entirely.


      Acts like a Cruiser, except it cruises downhill instead of forward. It also goes farther than a Cruiser, and explodes immediately if it comes to an uphill slope. In addition, it does 30 damage compared to the Cruiser's 20, and has a larger blast radius.
      Of course, 30 damage is pretty pathetic, even if it is easier to hit with than most weapons. It'd be best to just leave this one for your opponent.


      While the projectile is in the air, it creates a burst of eight sprinkles every half second. The sprinkles each have essentially insignificant blast radii, but they do 10 damage each. Used in conjunction with a Funnel, the Sprinkler is one of the most lethal weapons in the game, able to deal many hundreds of points of damage, even exceeding 1000 points if you're lucky. And even without a Funnel, you can still get quite a lot of damage, especially when you factor in that the projectile itself has the same damage (60) and blast radius as a Single Shot. If your enemy gets a Funnel, take the Sprinkler. If your enemy gets a Sprinkler, take the Funnel. Actually, both the Funnel and the Sprinkler you should take no matter what your enemy has, but I can assure you, you'll rarely get the chance to take both yourself.

      Super Skipper

      Very much like the Skipper, except it bounces six times instead of three, does 50 damage instead of 40, and has a larger blast radius to match. It's still not all that valuable, but a better choice than the Skipper, and a pretty decent weapon independent of that. Just don't give it priority.

      Super Tracer

      Identical to the Tracer, except it has four more shots, two which deviate by 15 degrees and two which deviate by 20 degrees. It's still completely useless; if you're actually off by 20 degrees then you must really be out of practice.

      Super Zapper

      Much like the Zapper, it zaps the enemy tank when it gets close. However, the Super Zapper can zap from twice as far, does 60 damage rather than 40, and is actually a very good weapon - 60 damage is a lot for something you really don't need to worry about aiming.

      Wacky Tank

      Has a rather respectable blast radius that grinds the terrain into a fine powder which may prove difficult to move on. It also does 40 damage - yeah, not much. It also randomizes your opponent's angle and power (assuming that it hits). However, this randomizing aspect is more or less useless, as it's a simple matter for the affected player to set his angle and power right back to what they were previously.
      Since 40 damage is rather very little and the terrain-grinding aspect really isn't worth much, I suggest you forget about this one.

      Well Digger

      Creates a huge beam at the site of your tank, which moves upward and a little bit outward, removing all dirt above your tank (it goes all the way to the top of the map). This is the excavation weapon to use when you're buried really, really, really deep. You'll find that you won't be able to aim weapons very well, but at least you won't have to hit yourself and lose points. Don't bother taking a Well Digger unless your enemy takes a dirt weapon.
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        First half of Demo Pack:

        3 Shot

        Fires three projectiles. One is shot at an angle of five degrees greater than your aim; one is shot at an angle of five fewer degrees. The remaining one stays true to the course you give it. Each has a small blast radius that does 20 damage. It's basically impossible to get direct hits with all three, unless you're very close, and even then it's only 60 damage. Not a good weapon.

        5 Shot

        Like the 3 Shot, but fires five projectiles, two of which deviate by 10 degrees. That doesn't really make it that much more attractive; pass on this one too.

        Big Shot

        A generic shot weapon with a fairly nice blast radius, but it does only 30 damage. 30 damage is pathetic, especially when you have nothing to aid hitting the opponent; don't waste your time with this one.

        Chain Reaction

        Creates 20 blasts in a small area around where it hits. Each blast is pretty small, but does 20 damage. If you get a direct hit with this, you can expect about 200 damage - which is very, very good, making this a very attractive weapon.
        It should be noted that although the Mega Reaction is the "big brother" to the Chain Reaction, the Chain Reaction is actually capable of more damage, especially with Small explosion kick. However, the Mega Reaction is both more forgiving and more consistent in the damage it does, and thus is probably a little better. Both are, of course, among the more powerful weapons in the game.

        Crazy Ivan

        When the projectile nears the enemy, it bursts into 10 bullets that sort of randomly dart around and burst when they reach a tank or terrain. They create very small explosions and do 10 damage each. It's rare for more than about four to hit the enemy tank, so you won't get much damage out of it, making it a pretty poor choice.


        When the projectile hits the ground, it begins to cruise forward. It will explode if it goes for more than a couple seconds without finding a tank, and it will also explode if it reaches glue. Its explosion is pretty small and does a pathetic 20 damage, which, unfortunately, makes it one of those weapons that just isn't useful.


        Creates a ball of dirt wherever it lands. Land it on or near your opponent to bury their tank. The dirt level isn't on par with that of a Mud Pie or Big Dirtball, but it's still enough to bury an opponent, and the Dirtball is by all means a good weapon.

        Dirt Mover

        Removes a wedge of dirt around your tank wherever you aim it. It's pretty much solely for digging yourself out of dirt weapons, but there are much better choices for this (Mountain Mover, anyone?), and many of those other choices have other uses as well. The Dirt Mover, indeed, is probably the worst of all these tools, and thus should only be taken in the Weapons Shop if your opponent has one or more dirt weapons and there are no other anti-dirt weapons.

        Dirt Slinger

        The Dirt Slinger creates a bit more dirt than the Dirtball, but in the shape of a triangle. The triangle will stem out from wherever the Dirt Slinger lands; try to land the Dirt Slinger on a wall behind your opponent instead of directly on top of them. In terms of value, it's about on par with the Dirtball, producing (usually) more dirt but in a less convenient shape.
        Be careful, though - if you create the dirt in too sharp a wedge, it may just push your enemy out of the way instead of burying them. This could actually be taken advantage of in a few situations - you might push them into a Melt Down hole, or even a Funnel - but such a situation is pretty rare. (You could even use it to push yourself around, but usually the four moves you get per round is adequate for this, and having that big pyramid of dirt in front of/behind you isn't really advantageous.)


        Creates two waves of explosions that stem out on both sides from where the projectile lands. Each explosion is pretty tiny and does 5 damage. Because of the sheer quantity of these explosions, the Firecracker is surprisingly effective, netting about 50 damage if one of the waves catches your opponent. Of course, that isn't a large amount of damage. The best uses of the Firecracker aren't especially obvious; one great way to use it is to hurt an opponent buried in dirt, since the Firecracker explosions are small enough not to destroy very much of the dirt, thus leaving them buried. This is even better if your opponent is on the other side of, say, a Great Wall. Additionally, bouncy dirt won't affect the waves of explosions, and thus you can use this in a similar way to simultaneously hurt and bury an opponent inside of a Shelter (the shelter's firing hole will collapse on top of them). This last use is actually almost exclusive to the Firecracker; it's possible to do it with any weapon with the right explosion size (say, a Worm), but Firecracker is the only one that's really effective at it, and probably the easiest to use, too.

        Ground Hog

        When the Ground Hog hits the ground, it begins burrowing in a straight line. When it surfaces (or hits the bottom of the screen) it explodes in a fairly small blast radius that does 50 damage. Since you can only occasionally use this burrowing to your advantage, and 50 damage is rather poor, this is a bad weapon; leave it for the other guy.

        Hail Storm

        Upon hitting the ground (or a tank) the Hail Storm bursts into a bunch of hail, or rather, water. Water spreads out quite a bit, flowing downhill; you can get well over 100 points with this weapon if the land near your opponent slopes down towards them. Used with a Funnel (or something similar - remember, you don't need bouncy dirt), you can expect over 200 points. In those situations, this weapon is outstanding; otherwise, it's somewhat mediocre. It's a mid-strength weapon.
        Note: Hail Storm has no effect if fired into ground.


        The Heatseeker has a large blast radius, but does only 40 damage. When it gets near the enemy tank, it begins zooming wildly toward them, although if it's already going in one direction its course probably won't change enough to make a big difference. This is a pretty poor-quality weapon; 40 damage is awful, and the heatseeking ability isn't really much use since you have to get quite close to your opponent with it anyway.

        Homing Missile

        The Homing Missile has a rather very small blast radius that does 20 damage. But it's not really that bad, because you basically don't need to aim it at all - when the missile is directly above the enemy tank, it will immediately drop straight down on top of them, earning you a perfect hit every time (unless your opponent or you happens to be under a layer of dirt). It's not really a good weapon, though; you basically have a direct hit guaranteed to you, but 20 damage is very, very low, usually too low to make a difference.

        Homing Worm

        The Homing Worm is much like the Worm, only when it is directly below your opponent, it zooms straight towards them, doing a perfect 30 damage. Oh, yeah, that's the other thing about the Homing Worm. It does 30 damage, as opposed to the Worm's 50. The value of this weapon depends entirely on the landscape; a Valley or Mountain guarantees there will always be enough dirt under your opponent to get the worm under them, and there's less of a chance with a Flats or Cliff. Of course, either way, it's still only 30 damage. Given the somewhat narrower usage window, it's probably on the same level of Homing Missile in terms of effectiveness, which is to say, not altogether that good.
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          Second half:


          When the projectile hits the ground (or a tank), it creates a small explosion that does a miserable 10 damage. Of course, it also bounces back up to make another identical explosion, and then another one, and then another one. And then a final one. The wind will put all the explosions in a different place; this weapon is only effective if there's no wind, and even then you only get 50 damage. With any wind at all, it's worthless, and even with no wind, it's pretty bad. Do not take this one.

          Magic Wall

          When the projectile hits the ground or a tank, it creates a thin wall. The wall is fairly tall, but isn't hard to shoot over or just blow up. This is a bad weapon, simply because the wall is so flimsy; hold out for a Great Wall or Bouncy Wall, which will actually be useful.

          Mountain Mover

          The Mountain Mover has a very large blast radius, but does no damage. It has two main uses: digging yourself out of a Dirtball or similar, and destroying large obstacles to get a better shot. It's surprisingly useful, especially if you find your tank buried, and ideal for rounding off your weapons list.


          When the projectile hits the ground (or a tank, as you should know by now), it bursts into flames. The flames don't spread out much, and last long enough to burn a tank six times. The Napalm is best used in an enclosed space, where you can net over 150 points, however, it can also do plenty of damage out in the open. Recommended.

          Pile Driver

          The Pile Driver makes a rather small explosion which does a ridiculous 20 damage. It also creates five small explosions (that don't do damage) below the first explosion, creating a hole in the ground. But the hole really doesn't affect the opponent all that much, and 20 damage is horrid, so this is a baaaad weapon.


          Quite simply, the Pineapple bursts into a bunch of green bombs when it nears the enemy. Each bomb does 30 damage, but has a very tiny blast radius. You can usually get two of these to hit, if not three, which makes for a decent amount of damage but not an enormous amount. Its value is moderate, unless you have a funnel ready, in which case it's much better (expect on the order of 200 points).

          Scatter Shot

          When the projectile hits the ground (or a tank, naturally) it shoots five bombs into the air, which spread out a little but not much. Each bomb has a small blast radius and does 10 damage. If you happen to hit with all of them (a feat which is unlikely to say the least), you'll still get a mediocre 50 damage. Not an especially effective weapon, by any means.

          Single Shot

          The basic, somewhat weak, totally uninteresting Single Shot. Small blast radius, 60 damage. That's it.


          Bounces on the terrain three times before it explodes. It has a fairly small blast radius and does 40 damage. Even if the bouncing does help, it's only 40 damage; this weapon is not effective.

          Sniper Rifle

          Has no blast radius, and requires a direct hit, but it does do 100 damage. It's a pretty good weapon if you're accurate enough to hit with it, but there are probably better options.


          Once the projectile nears your opponent, it bursts into a bunch of bullets that slowly move forward a straight line. Each one has a very small blast radius that does 10 damage. It couldn't really be described as a good weapon; it typically only does around 40 damage even with a Funnel.

          Tommy Gun

          Fires 12 bullets in rapid succession, each one with a chance of deviating by a few degrees. Each one has a rather tiny blast radius, but does a nice, round 20 damage; you can generally hit with enough to get 80 or 100 damage, and in conjunction with a Funnel you can often get the full 240 damage - and that's very, very good. An excellent weapon.


          The Tracer just isn't useful. It fires five shots, which mark where your shots would land if you kept your current aim, aimed five degrees one direction, aimed five degrees the other direction, aimed ten degrees one direction, and aimed ten degrees the other direction. But if you need to use an entire weapon solely as an aiming aid, you'd best try some target practice. That's what Target Practice is for.


          The Worm seems perfectly normal until it goes underground, at which point it arcs upwards until it surfaces and explodes. It creates a small blast radius and does 50 damage; it's a fairly poor weapon, even if you do manage to curve it into your opponent's tank, since it does little damage. Leave it.


          When the projectile nears the enemy (it has to get pretty close) it zaps them for 40 damage. No more, no less. Note that it cannot zap through dirt of any kind. It's nice since you don't have to get a direct hit to get full damage, except that full damage is, well, very little damage. Not such a great weapon.
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            Fireworks and Flamethrower packs:

            FIREWORKS PACK

            10 Shot

            This is, quite simply, the 3 shot or 5 shot weapon, only with 10 shots instead, which deviate by 2.5 degrees instead of 5 - oh, and the shots only do 10 damage each this time around, with correspondingly smaller blast radii. That makes it a fairly unattractive weapon, unless you're close enough to your opponent to hit them with all the shots or if you happen to have a Funnel.

            Ant Farm

            When the projectile nears the enemy or hits the ground, it bursts into a bunch of...ants (about 30 of them). The ants will dig through the terrain, and while doing so, will arc towards your opponent's tank. When they reach the ground or the tank, they will detonate, creating a small ant hill and doing 4 damage. The resulting amount of ant hills is plenty to bury your opponent fairly deep, and when you add the damage and homing capability, you have a pretty attractive weapon.
            Oh, and did I mention that the projectile itself will go underground, too? Although it's wildly inconsistent about doing this; be careful.


            Fireworks is among the most lethal weapons in all of Pocket Tanks. Upon landing, the projectile sends up six more projectiles, which spread out by a couple of degrees. Each projectile bursts into 20 more projectiles after two seconds (or if they somehow hit the ground). Each of these small projectiles creates a tiny explosion that does 5 damage. If you have a Funnel, and get all of the small propjectiles to land in it, you'll get a nice, crisp 600 points. This one is not going to stay in the weapons shop for long - grab it while you still can!

            Great Wall

            The weapon's online description is "Builds "The Mother of All Walls", from the bottom to the very top." That's a pretty good idea of what the weapon does. Wherever it lands, it creates a wall from the bottom of the screen to very near the top. Note also that if it hits a tank, it will do 30 damage.
            This is a very valuable weapon, provided you can slap it down just right so that it blocks your opponent's shots and doesn't allow them to get around it, and the only way they'll ever be able to fire at you again is to use a Digger or similar weapon - either that or take down the entire wall, which takes a lot of firepower.
            Similar to Tar Ball, there is a risk that this weapon will shove the enemy into a safe place (i.e., far enough away from the wall that they can shoot over it), but it's not a big one. If you're feeling unlucky, you can always just shoot it right in front of them.
            It can be used defensively in the same manner, of course, though this is less common.

            Lava Cannon

            The Lava Cannon is a rather interesting weapon. When it hits the ground, it begins burrowing, and creates a small amount of lava wherever it hit the ground. When it surfaces, it creates another small amount of lava. When it hits the ground again, it burrows in again and creates a small amount of lava. When it surfaces again, it creates ANOTHER small amount of lava.
            When it hits the ground AGAIN (or finally reaches a tank or the bottom of the map, and it is recommended that you hit a tank with it) it creates a moderate amount of lava. Actually, the amount of lava that's created depends on how many times it's already entered and re-emerged from the ground; the fewer times it's done so, the more lava there will be.
            If you get a direct hit on your opponent without it ever going into the ground, you can expect around 120 points, so you can use this weapon like the Sniper Rifle if you're so minded. If it's gone through both of its burrowing stages, you'll get more like 80. Neither of those are shoddy, but this weapon is very difficult to use effectively.

            Lightning Rod

            Creates a tiny little pole wherever the projectile lands. After a couple seconds, lightning strikes the pole (or rather strikes the location where the pole was created - you can't "drop" this weapon on your opponent by hitting the side of an Island above them, or anything like that), creating a small but powerful explosion that does 60 damage, and throwing 15 sparks (presumably the molten remains of the pole) into the air. Each spark creates a tiny explosion and does 10 damage. This is a pretty good weapon; you can generally do around 100 damage with it. It's even better with a Funnel, although due to its inclination to partially destroy the Funnel, you should use your other Funnel combo weapons first.

            Mega Reaction

            Much like the Chain Reaction, only the explosions are much bigger, there are more of them, and they do 8 damage each, and yet, you can get 250 points with it. Extremely powerful on a direct hit, and will probably be claimed right away - make sure you're the one to take it.
            Although Chain Reaction actually does a bit more damage in some cases, Mega Reaction is far more consistent, and has a far greater area of effect, hence making it more effective.


            When the Rockslide hits the ground or gets very close to your opponent, it releases 400 rocks. They roll around a bit, but will quickly become part of the terrain. Each one that hits your opponent will earn you one point, and frequently they will create just enough soil to prevent your opponent from firing out. Add that to the promise of considerable damage (don't expect all 400 to hit, or even 200 of them, but you can still get around 100 points easily), and you have a very good weapon.


            The Snowblower blows a large arc of snow into the air. It will generally be just enough to bury your opponent, and the arc is so large you don't have to worry about good aim. It doesn't bury your opponents as deep as more precise dirt weapons, but you don't have to worry about aiming much, it's enough to keep them from firing out, and that's what really counts. A good weapon.
            It is, however, a good idea to try to keep your power as muted as possible - anything above 80 tends to make it pretty useless, as it spreads out too much to be effective. The best range is probably 50 to 60, though your circumstances may absolutely require you to use more.

            Solar Flare

            Quite simply, when you use the Solar Flare, hundreds and hundreds of hot bullets rain down from the sky, randomly. Each one nets five points, and exposed tanks can be expected to take about 80 points worth of damage. The key to effectively using this weapon is to be shielded from it by something, whether as crude as an angled hole in the ground made with a Digger or as purebred as a Dome Protect or Shelter. Provided you have a way to shelter yourself, this is a good weapon. It is also an excellent choice if you expect your opponent to use dirt weapons on you.

            Sonic Blast

            Upon hitting the ground, or a tank, the Sonic Blast releases six shockwaves of bullets, three in each direction. Each shockwave contains around 62 particles (this is pretty much impossible to measure, if I try to do so, I get 61.333333...), each particle doing one point of damage if it his a tank. The shock waves go straight through ground, and are basically unstoppable except for the fact that they dissipate after reaching a certain (short) distance. This is an extremely valuable weapon; just plop it down on one side of the enemy tank and watch as you gather nearly 200 points.

            Star Dust

            When the projectile nears the opponent, it bursts into a bunch of slow-traveling dust particles (120, in fact). Any dust particle that hits a tank will do a single point of damage and randomize their angle and power.
            Since the randomizing feature is essentially worthless, and you can generally only get around 10 to 20 points with this weapon, it's pathetic. Let the other guy have it.


            Fires a huge amount of bullets in a "V" pattern. If you can use the wind just right, you can get the nose of the V to collide with your opponent, resulting in a winning shot. (Each individual bullet has a surprisingly large blast radius that does 2 damage, by the way.) Oh, you want to know about how much damage? Well, on such an ideal shot, about 150. The Stinger goes from powerful to lethal if you use a Funnel (but it is almost guaranteed to render the Funnel itself useless). An excellent weapon.

            Super Nova

            The Fireworks Pack has way too many weapons that start with the letter S.
            Anyway, the Super Nova creates a colossal burst of many, many bullets. The bullets themselves are unstoppable unless they hit a tank (or travel too far in which case they disappear without even exploding, or hit the bottom of the map in which case they do explode), and on average about 15 of them will hit your opponent (naturally, the farther away the projectile lands, the fewer bullets will hit the tank). They each do 5 damage, by the way, and have small blast radii. This is a very nice weapon overall - it doesn't do too much damage, but it does a significant amount of damage (about 60 to 70), and doing that damage is very easy.

            Water Balloons

            There's nothing more humiliating than your enemy winning a match just by tossing these things at your tank.
            When fired, the six water balloons deviate from your aim quite a bit - watch out for that. As soon as they hit the ground - or even better, the enemy tank - they burst into water. If a balloon hits a tank, it will do 10 damage.
            Because of the spread, and the fact that they do most of their damage with water, the Water Balloons are most effectively used with a Funnel. In this situation, you can get well over 200 points - which, really, when you think about it, is pretty good.
            I said it's pretty good.
            I said, it's PRETTY GOOD.

            Okay, uh, moving on.


            Fire Storm

            The Fire Storm is a lot like the Chain Reaction, except much, much weaker. There are only five explosions, each explosion is smaller, and each explosion does only 10 damage. The explosions also create a bit of fire, but even so, fire and explosions combined does only about 30 damage (you may get up to 80 if you are very, very lucky). A rather poor choice, really.


            The Flamethrower is exactly what it sounds like. It sprays flames wherever you aim it. At long range, it's rather ineffective, since the flames spread out so much; it will only get you about 20 points. However, at close range, it can net over 100 - not the best of weapons, but fairly respectable.


            Shoots your tank up into the air and creates a pedestal under it. Use it to gain elevation, and thus a better firing position - but bear in mind that you'll be an easier target as well. It's not all that good of a weapon, simply because it makes you such an easy target - and if your opponent nudges you off of the pedestal, you'll have a big fat wall in your way.
            If you happen to be right on top of your opponent, you can also use this weapon to bury them, although it would be a good idea to make sure they don't have a Lava Cannon, Flower Power, or similar weapon, lest they unleash the fury of a thousand suns from below.


            Upon landing, fires two bouncing bullets in opposite directions. They bounce high and far, and bounce a lot, but if they don't find a tank (or glue) after five seconds, they just explode. And if they do find a tank, they only do 20 damage each. A bad weapon - 40 damage is terrible, especially considering that you can only hit with both shots in certain situations.


            Upon landing, sits in the ground for a while - and then erupts. The eruption does a base 30 damage, and shoots out both flames and dirt. The dirt isn't usually enough to actually bury your opponent, but the damage it does it pretty nice (expect from 50 to 80), and the dirt can prevent them from moving. A nice weapon.
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              Fuzz and Gold packs:

              FUZZ PACK


              When the projectile nears the enemy, it bursts into a couple hundred...things. The things bounce around a bit, and when they bounce too much or get near the enemy tank, they turn into terrain of some sort (and they do hang in the air, by the way). The purpose, of course, is to encase your enemy in a shell so that they can't fire out of it. It's not really that great a weapon, since it prevents you from firing into it as well! It is, however, an excellent combo with the Tesla Coil (provided you poke a hole in the blockade that you can fire it into).

              Burning Rubber

              When the projectile lands, it sprays a bunch of burning rubber in the air, which will coat terrain with bouncy dirt and do some damage. Since it does damage, it should not be used for defense, but it's the perfect weapon for refurbishing a damaged Funnel (or creating a new one out of a funnel-shaped pit, as from, say, Melt Down) and getting some points while you're at it (about 60). A nice weapon.

              Fuzz Ball

              The Fuzz Ball bounces - and a lot. Every time it bounces, it releases five pieces of fuzz, which home in on your opponent from any distance, and they themselves bounce as well. After bouncing so many times (or when it hits a tank) the Fuzz Ball makes a very tiny explosion that doesn't damage the terrain, but does 20 damage if it happens to hit a tank. This is best used when your opponent is highly exposed, in which case lots of fuzz particles can hit, and may get you a good deal of points (expect around 100 in the best situations). Otherwise, it's somewhat mediocre.

              Side Kick

              When the projectile lands (by the way, if it hits a tank, it will do 20 damage), it calls in bullets from the sides of the playing field, which focus wherever the projectile landed. 11 bullets come in from each side, and if they hit terrain (except for glue) they just bounce. If they bounce way too much or hit a tank, they create a small explosion that does 10 damage. Properly aimed, you can probably get six of the bullets to hit the enemy and do the original 20 damage, for 80 damage total, which isn't bad at all. You can also use the Side Kick to get around hills - simply hit the side opposite from your enemy, on the same horizontal level as they are. It's a pretty decent weapon, though it is only 100% effective if there is no terrain on either side of your opponent, which doesn't actually happen as much as you'd think.

              Stun Gun

              Fires two projectiles, one of them one degree to the left of your aim, the other one degree to the right. Each projectile does 50 damage if it hits a tank, and also randomizes their angle and power, but they do not create explosions. Since it's nearly impossible to get both to hit at long distance without a Funnel, and the randomizing aspect is worthless, it's not really a very good weapon. If you do have a Funnel, or are at close range, it's a bit better, though.

              GOLD PACK

              Aqua Bomb

              The Aqua Bomb will bounce on the terrain a bit, but not much. When it nears the opposing tank, it will burst into a huge shower of water. If you just fling it at your opponent, you'll probably only get about 30 points. However, if the enemy in a position where the water will be funneled towards their tank (you'll need something a bit larger than a production Funnel, though), you can get over 200 points with this weapon!
              Very valuable if your opponent is in the right position - otherwise, it's somewhat less attractive.

              Bouncy Ball

              The Bouncy Ball bounces - and very, very high. Every time it bounces, it creats a mound of bouncy dirt. It probably won't take long for it to go off screen, and it's nearly impossible to control its path, so it's not a great weapon. If it hits a tank, it explodes for 40 damage and creates a mound of bouncy dirt on top of the tank (it will also do this if it bounces around too much).

              Flying Discs

              Spews out 30 discs. They spread out quite a bit, and when they near the enemy tank, they zap it for 2 damage each. Since you can only get a total of 60 points with this weapon, it's pretty lousy; don't bother.

              Golden Bullet

              Fires 30 duds that do 2 damage each if they hit the enemy tank. They spread out quite a bit. Okay, so that's pretty bad. Wait a minute - what about the title of the weapon? Golden Bullet? Hmm.
              Oh, yeah, I remember now! Randomly placed among the duds will be one golden bullet. It has a large blast radius and does...200 damage?
              Yeah. 200 damage.
              The only problem is, of course, it's randomly placed among 30 duds. Using it at long range is akin to betting four hundred dollars on number 7 at the roulette table.
              At close range, or in conjunction with a Funnel, your chances are much better. And since you can usually get close to your opponent by some method, this is an excellent weapon.

              Laser Strike

              Upon landing, creates a bunch of laser emitters in an area, which will zap your opponent's tank (however, the zaps cannot go through terrain of any kind). They just explode if created underground. So the best way to use this weapon is when your opponent is highly exposed (on a Pedestal or otherwise; the best possible situation is probably a Tesla Coil). You can easily get well over 100 damage this way - if your opponent isn't so exposed, however, you typically won't do much more than 60. It's a pretty nice weapon on the whole, however.


              Upon landing, creates a blast which does 40 damage, destroys a bit of terrain, and chars some terrain black. It also throws a huge quantity of lava into the air (it's like napalm, but it lasts a very long time and it flows around). Used correctly (i.e., in a situation where most of the lava will be funneled into your opponent, you can easily net several hundred points. An outstanding weapon, in fact; just be sure to use it right.

              Mass Driver

              When used, brings a huge asteroid out of orbit which falls upon the landscape, creating an absolutely massive explosion that does 300 damage (well, actually, the explosion does 200, but the asteroid itself does another 100). Please note that it's actually possible to be hit twice be the explosion, and it's also actually possible for the asteroid itself to not do any damage (only the explosion). Of course, you can't aim it. At all. And it doesn't bounce. Hitting with it is all luck, and it should therefore be used on the first move, when you have no points to lose. (You can also wait until your opponent buries you, although you'd have to be buried extremely deep.) It's actually a good weapon due to the sheer quantity of points you get if you win the gamble.

              Melt Down

              The Melt Down has four phases, so I'll just explain them all.

              1: The projectile. Does 10 damage if it hits a tank, and sets the position on the X-axis that the other phases will occur. (By the way, you are trying to hit the enemy tank with this.)
              2: The weapon creates 100 tiny little explosions at the bottom of the screen that do 1 damage if they happen to get a tank. Yeah, this weapon is best used when your opponent is at the bottom of the screen.
              3: The weapon creates a small explosion at the same site, which does another 20 damage.
              4: The weapon creates a tiny burst of dirt (very, very tiny) that also does 20 damage, and spews up a bunch of weak lava, that will do about 30 damage at best.

              Basically, you want to use this when your opponent is at the bottom of the screen, as you will probably get well over 100 points. If your opponent isn't at or near the bottom of the screen, then it will just sink them into the ground, which won't do damage but may keep them from aiming at your tank (if the wind is being friendly). You can also turn this resulting pit into a makeshift Funnel by using a bouncy weapon, especially Burning Rubber. It's a decent weapon overall.

              Molten Plastic

              Fires three globs of molten plastic, which burst into many particles upon hitting the ground. Each particle creates a tiny mound of bouncy dirt - oh, and they also do 2 damage each if they catch a tank. Since they tend to bounce on the bouncy dirt they create, this weapon creates a very painful quantity of noise. However, it is a nice weapon that's capable of doing some damage and helping your shots work their way closer to the opponent, so consider taking it even if you do treasure your aural health.
              Well, actually, it's a great weapon, as it's capable of tons of damage if you use it right - over 200. In this context, "using it right" simply means hitting the enemy tank with it. It should be noted that you'll only occasionally get the full 250-ish points, as the particles need to be created inside the tank for this to happen.


              Fires three zaps from your turret in a straight line to your opponent. They do 20 damage each, and are destroyed upon contact with any terrain. Basically, use it when you have a direct line of sight to your opponent. Honestly, though, this weapon is pretty pathetic; if you have a direct line of sight, you can get 60 points, but the weapon is entirely useless when you don't have a line of sight.


              Upon nearing your opponent or crashing into the terrain, releases 20 shredders. The shredders cut up the terrain a bit, and then pop. Each shredder does 5 damage if it happens to crash into a tank. This is not a great weapon; the damage you get is hardly significant and the shredding attribute really isn't very useful at all.


              When the projectile nears your enemy, or crashes into the ground, it starts spinning and expanding. It destroys quite a bit of terrain, and generally does around 50 damage. Not that great. However, at close range, you can get any number of points from 20 to...4200? Well, yeah, that's called a "proximity glitch." Using it online can result in a number of...interesting conversations. It works with all sorts of weapons, not just the Spinner, and I won't cover it, because about 60% of people will hate your guts if you actively take advantage of it.
              Anyway, if you put aside the proximity glitches, the Spinner is a fair weapon - easy to hit with and destroys a lot of terrain, but doesn't do all that much damage. Unfortunately if you use it underground, you'll lose on the order of 1000 points. That is not a good thing, and thus the Spinner must be used early on, when you can still get out of dirt by other means.


              Fires a nice, even 75 bullets, which bounce off of the terrain, and quite a bit, too. They spread out a lot, so you can't expect a lot of them to hit the enemy tank unless the terrain is shaped properly (or you have a Funnel). Each bullet creates a very tiny blast that does 2 damage when it hits a tank or bounces around too much. This is a pretty nice weapon; you'll always be able to do at least some damage, and in the right situation, you can do a pretty significant amount.


              Very much like Digger, but goes all the way across the screen. The tunnel it digs is also quite a bit narrower. It's a little better than Digger, and has the same uses. There's really not that much to say about it.


              Upon nearing the opponent or landing, the Whiplash creates 30 bullets. If a bullet hits the enemy, it will create a tiny blast and do 2 damage. If it hits the ground, it will stay there for a moment, then jump up and attempt to hit the enemy again (it will act somewhat like a crippled Heatseeker). When it jumps up, however, if a tank is close to the site it jumps from, the tank will take an extra 5 damage. Note that glue neutralizes this effect, and therefore should be avoided. This weapon is best used in conjunction with a Funnel, which allows a large portion of the bullets to hit. You can expect about 30 damage without a Funnel, or a more respectable (but still not all that great) 60 with one. It's really not all that good of a weapon, although you can get quite a few points in certain situations.
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                Gravity and Meteor packs:

                GRAVITY PACK

                Burnt Popcorn

                Acts like Popcorn, with two differences. First, the popcorn does 10 damage when it hits a tank, instead of 20. Second, each kernel creates flames every time it lands. The Burnt Popcorn is extremely deadly in compact spaces, capable of netting around 250 points. Even without such a setup, it's still pretty nice, doing about 80 damage on average.

                Crazy Wall

                Similar to a Magic Wall, but the wall is thicker and shorter. Oh, yes, and it shoots out ten bullets on each side. Each bullet travels in a straight line, but will bounce on terrain. If they go too long without hitting something, they'll disappear, and if they hit a tank, they'll do 5 damage each, creating a tiny blast which does not damage terrain (it just chars it). This is a pretty good weapon.


                Ask any player of Pocket Tanks what their favorite weapon combination is, and they will almost certainly say "[a weapon] plus the Funnel." Yes, the Funnel is the ultimate combo weapon. Plop it down on your opponent to create a nice, bouncy funnel, which will allow weapons like the Tommy Gun, Sprinkler, Lob-o-Matic, Fission Bomb, Fireworks, Streamers, etc. to do masses of damage. An extremely, extremely valuable weapon, which will almost certainly be snatched up very, very quickly.
                And if you DO get shot with a Funnel, your best bet is to just clobber yourself with a weapon that has a large blast radius (if you have a Dirt Mover, Mountain Mover, or similar weapon, then you're set).

                Gravity Well

                You probably didn't know this (since I haven't told you yet) but the Gravity Well is my all-time favorite weapon in Pocket Tanks. I don't know why; I just like it.
                Anyway, upon landing, it creates a swirling vortex. Then, the vortex closes in on itself, holding tanks in place and bombarding them with explosions, and also corrupting their aim and power. On a direct hit, you'll get about 125 damage, which is very nice.

                Hot Potato

                The Hot Potato appears a weak weapon at first, doing only 10 damage and having a ridiculously small blast radius. However, if it bounces once before colliding with a tank, it will do 20 damage, and have a larger blast radius - and if it bounces twice, 30 damage, thrice, 40 damage, and if it bounces four times then hits your opponent, 50 damage. Okay, not exactly a massive payload - but it's okay, and it does create a huge explosion. It's an okay weapon.

                METEOR PACK


                Shoots your tank up to the air, then applies strong horizontal velocity. Basically, it randomly repositions your tank. It's mainly useful for getting out of a particularily bad position - a Funnel, perhaps. It also happens to be the most indescribable weapon in the game. Let's just say it's great for getting out of a bad position and leave it at that.
                It should probably be noted that it's not actually random - but pretty hard to predict. The best way to learn how to predict where it will land is definitely to try it yourself - but please note it'll take a very very long time to develop that skill.

                Bouncy Bomb

                Creates a moderate-sized explosion and does 10 damage, then shoots some bouncy dirt down. The small pool of bouncy dirt created really isn't enough, and the damage is very low. Pass on this one.


                Every time the Buzzsaw hits the terrain, it creates a small explosion that does 20 damage. When it hits a tank (or runs out of shredding power) it creates the same explosion, but doesn't bounce (in other words, it's destroyed). If you can bounce it around your enemy properly, it can do over 100 damage; however, this is extremely difficult to do, and the weapon really isn't worth it.


                Upon landing, bursts into six rocks. The rocks are very bouncy, and each one will do 20 damage upon contact with a tank. It's not hard to get all six to hit (just hope the wind is feeling benevolent), and when they do, the reward is considerable, so take this weapon!

                Dome Protect

                Quite simply, the Dome Protect creates a dome around your tank. You'll need to follow up with a Digger or Tunnel if you want to fire out of it, and be aware that enemies can fire into it if they have the proper weapon (Flower Power, Late Bloomer, and so on). Of course, most opponents will be content to just get rid of a low-power weapon and watch you shoot yourself out of it. Yeah, you need to plan ahead before you use this weapon - make sure that you'll be able to get out once you get in!

                Flower Power

                Acts like a Ground Hog until it surfaces, at which point it acts like a triggered Color Bomb. Do some research yourself, and come up with the conclusion that this is a great weapon capable of noodling itself into your enemy in almost any situation and also capable of doing much damage.

                Flying Digger

                When the projectile lands, it creates a very small explosion that does 10 damage, and also digs into the terrain. The tunnel created is the same thickness as that of a Digger, but is only half as long.
                The Flying Digger is, to say the least, very narrow in its uses. It is not typically advantageous to put your opponent into a Digger pit, as it's rather difficult to fire into and will keep many weapons from being effective; however, a few weapons, like Burnt Popcorn and especially Sunburn and Lava, can net huge amounts of points when used in this fashion. The Flying Digger is to be considered as a combo weapon, but only a narrow-use one, as I've said, and there are probably better choices.

                Meteor Shower

                Upon landing, calls down a shower of 18 meteors, targetting wherever the projectile lands. Each meteor creates a small blast that does 8 damage. This is a great weapon, easily capable of over 100 damage - just be sure that you take the wind into account! Oh, and a Funnel could be very useful.

                Mystery Bombs

                Pocket Tanks has some pretty useless weapons. The Tracers, the Glue Bomb, and of course the Lemon and the Mystery Bombs.
                Basically, this weapon shoots four projectiles, which curve, weave, bob, and swerve so erratically that you'll be lucky if even one of them hits your opponent. And get this: each one only does 10 damage! It doesn't really matter that they have decent-sized explosions. I mean, come on, 10 damage?

                Old Faithful

                Shoots up a geyser of water. It does more damage than the water from the Hail Storm, but disappears faster. It's actually on about an equal footing with the Hail Storm, doing more damage on unfavorable terrain, but less damage on favorable terrain. You'll get about 80 damage either way, although if there's a wall right above your target (Dome Protect?), you can get a lot more. It's a pretty good weapon.


                Upon landing, creates 18 bullets, which bounce a couple of times, then explode. They'll also explode if they hit a tank, naturally. Their blasts are very, very small, and they do 3 damage each. Since you really can't get much damage out of this weapon, it isn't worth much.

                Roman Candle

                Fires six shots, all with the same trajectory. Each shot does 10 damage, and although they do have a small blast, you won't be able to actually see it (it doesn't damage terrain, just tanks). Even if you hit with all of them (the first few have a tendency to displace the tank and reduce the effectiveness of the rest), it's still only 60 damage; a poor-quality weapon. It could potentially be used to deal damage to an opponent in a very thin layer of dirt, but there are almost certainly better weapons for this (Flash Blast, Shadow Blast, and Toaster will all go through much more dirt, and only do slightly less damage).

                Static Ball

                Bounces around, and zaps the opponent when it gets near. After zapping, will explode after one second; if you don't waste any time, you can get in five zaps. The problem? Well, each zap only does 10 damage. The explosion of the ball also does 30 damage; if you're some sort of witch you can probably get the ball to zap five times and hit the tank, for a total of 80 damage. Of course, 80 damage isn't outstanding by any means, and it's nearly impossible to get that much, can just toss this one in the can.


                Upon nearing your opponent, bursts into 16 bullets, which travel in straight lines and bounce off of terrain. If they hit a tank, they'll do 20 damage. If they don't, they'll pop when they run out of time, and that will also damage tanks that are very close. It's a pretty valuable weapon; you can generally get enough of the shots to hit your opponent that it will count, and in conjunction with a Funnel or especially a skillfully aimed Flying Digger, you can get plenty of points.

                Turn and Burn

                Acts like the Jump Jets, only it's substantially more powerful (firing your tank the exact same way it would fire a weapon, making aiming it quite easy, just remember NOT to account for wind), and one second after rocketing you into the stratosphere, it creates a massive explosion where your tank used to be, which does 100 damage. Use it if you're close to your opponent, and want to get away from them but score some points in the process. It can also be used as a replacement for Jump Jets or Blast Off, but that's kind of a waste of an enormous explosion. A really nice weapon.
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                  Nano and Nuke packs:

                  NANO PACK

                  Gyro Glue

                  Fires three glue capsules. When they near your opponent (or hit the ground) they spin around and spray hot glue all over. They have a very large area of effect, and used properly, they can do a whole lot of damage, as high as 200. The only problem is, well, it does create glue, so your cruiser-type weapons will be useless. Of course, there's an easy way to get around this: use it late in the game! A quite valuable weapon.


                  Fires a cube, which bursts into a swarm of six robots upon landing. The robots will fly towards the enemy tank and start zapping it. Each zap does 5 damage, and each robot zaps five times before it stops zapping and explodes the next time it touches something. Just be aware that if they bounce too many times, they'll give up and explode prematurely, wasting some zaps. By the way, their explosions, while tiny, do 10 damage. A perfect shot with this weapon would give you 200 damage - that's assuming every robot uses all five zaps and then explodes on the enemy tank. That's a lot to hope for - but you can get a lot of damage pretty easily with this weapon (just don't expect 200), making it one of the best weapons in the game. Note that there's a strange proximity glitch with this weapon that allows it to do over 500 points of damage. It's incredibly unpredictable, though.

                  Phase Missile

                  When you first fire the Phase Missile, you'll probably think "20 damage? That's awful!" Of course it is. The problem is, you're not using the weapon properly. Basically, the Phase Missile does more damage the more it orbits the enemy tank. You just need to find that precise angle and power, and then cash in. Basically, you're trying to get it to take an orbit that is circular - or rather, as close to circular as you can. It's worth it, because in the end, you'll find it making high-pitched noises as it flashes and zooms around the enemy tank like crazy, until it finally crashes into it and sends it to kingdom come, creating a dangerously high-energy explosion and doing 120 damage. Lovely. Oh yeah, this is a great weapon - just make sure you know how to use it!
                  Note: If you try to use this while your enemy is near the bottom or side of the screen, well...don't. You might as well just fire it straight at them and at least get 20 points rather than let it crash into the bottom or fly off the plane of existence.

                  Tesla Coil

                  Like the Phase Missile, you need to know how the Tesla Coil works. First, you have to get the projectile close to the enemy tank. It will zap it, and put it up on a pillar. Then it will create a bunch of lightning bolts. The more pieces of terrain around, the more lightning bolts are created! If you use this right after your opponent uses Flak or you use Blockade, you can expect masses of damage - around 100! Just make sure that you don't inadvertently use it in such a way that it rockets the tank up, the tank hits the flak, and the tank ends up inside the coil, and then no lightning can be created. Anyway, this weapon is all about combining it with another weapon.

                  Warp Gate

                  Creates strange objects which bounce a bit and home in on the enemy tank. Yes, it's another combo weapon; the more open the area you land it in, the more objects are created. Try to use it on your enemy while they're on a Pedestal - or even better, a Tesla Coil. It's not a fabulous weapon by any means, though - you'll find even in those situations you can only get about 80 damage.

                  NUKE PACK

                  Hot Foot

                  Acts like a Worm, until it spends one second underground. It then divides into three tunneling warheads, which move upwards, and after half a second, divide into three tunneling warheads each, which divide into three more tunneling warheads each after a quarter of a second, and then an eighth of a second, and then a sixteenth of a second, and then a 32nd of a second, and - what's that? You say it's all perfectly clear to you now? Oh, very well. Anyway, when the warheads finally surface, they do 20 damage each. Basically, shoot it towards the bottom of the screen, directly under your opponent (by the way, if it hits the bottom, it will send up its warheads prematurely - you can use that to your advantage), and the more land your opponent has under them, the more devastating this weapon will be. You can get anything from 40 to 150 damage. It's a quite nice weapon, although it will take a lot of practice to really use it effectively.

                  Mega Nuke

                  It's kind of ironic to write about the Mega Nuke before the Nuke, but that's the alphabet for you, I suppose. Anyway, the Mega Nuke is much like the Nuke, but its damage is divided into four wads of 30 instead of four wads of 40, it has less push strength, and its explosion is absolutely huge! It's a very nice weapon.


                  The Nuke has a moderate-sized explosion, and it does its damage a bit strangely - it does damage four times instead of one, and each of the four times, it will do 40 damage. Of course, that assumes that the tank stays in the middle of the blast - which is a lot to hope for. It'll probably only do about 70, although if the movement of the enemy tank is restricted, you can do the full 160. A pretty darn good weapon, which is actually about on equal footing with the Mega Nuke. (There's some counterintuitiveness for you.)

                  Pillow Fight

                  Tosses a pillow in the air, which does 40 damage upon impact with a tank, and throws up 20 feathers, which fall down and do 5 damage each. For best results, use Funnel. Do not throw pillows at self. Keep pillows in dry places at temparatures of under 110º Fahrenheit and above 44º Fahrenheit. Do not shake, fold, or mutilate pillows.
                  I just realized that the quality of my writing is inversely proportional to the time of day.
                  Right now it's 11:00 PM.

                  Sink and Swim

                  Creates a chain of five explosions, which slowly work their way downward (albeit not by very much). Each explosion does 10 damage. Water is also created, and a good deal of it, too. The whole thing will do about 70 or 80 damage. It's a pretty good weapon, and no, there are absolutely no hidden uses or revolutionary strategies for it.
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                    Power and Snowball packs:

                    POWER PACK


                    Acts like the Homing Missile (it even does the same 20 damage!), except instead of creating a small explosion, it creates a small pothole, which the enemy tank will fall into. I'd say it's a good bit better than the Homing Missile, as this pothole tends to restrict enemy aiming. Still really not a particularily effective weapon, however.


                    This is the ultimate line-of-sight weapon. Fires in a straight line, and upon hitting the ground (or, much better, the enemy tank!) creates a huge explosion and does 150 damage. It also has the side effect of sending the tank flying ridiculously far. So that makes it a really, really good weapon - just make sure you have a line of sight!
                    And if you don't, there's another use for this weapon. Carefully aim it downward, and a little to the left or the right, depending on which direction you want to go. Then fire - you'll lose 150 points, but you will be sent across the screen. It will take practice to perfect this move so you can get right next to the enemy, and remember to always use it on the first turn, when you have no points to lose. Considering these two great uses, the Bazooka is an excellent weapon.


                    Creates 88 small particles upon landing. These particles merely scorch terrain, but will do 1 damage each to tanks. If you can get a direct hit, you can get quite a bit of damage. It's a decent weapon, but not overly powerful.

                    Earth Mover

                    The Earth Mover is essentially the Mountain Mover, except its explosion is absolutely huuuuuge. I mean, this thing is enormous. Even a slew of Mud Pies are no match for the mighty Earth Mover! Yeah, this is the perfect weapon to take if you think your enemy is intent on burying you. I guarantee they will have second thoughts. You can also use it to reshape the terrain - it's the perfect thing for taking out that pesky hill, although you'll probably destroy half the countryside in the process.

                    Fire + Ice

                    Fire + Ice creates a bunch of bouncing, spinning balls and ice? Well, whatever. Anyway, these little balls will burn and frost tanks, and if you can focus them into the tank, you'll probably get about 100 points. It's hard to do that, though - not even a Funnel will work, this weapon is so bouncy! It's an okay weapon, but not particularily good.
                    Note: completely harmless if used underground.


                    Creates a shield of flak in the direction you aim. Yes, that's about it. It's just a shield; nothing more. Just beware of opponents with Tesla Coils, which can turn your precious flak against you.
                    An almost certainy more effective item is the Shield.


                    Remember the MIRV in Scorched Earth? Yeah, the Flare is a lot like that. Once it starts dropping, it splits into three warheads, which spread out a bit, and create small explosions that do 30 damage each. It's an okay weapon, and pretty nice if you have a Funnel to direct the warheads into the enemy tank. Oh, by the way, if you for some reason hit the enemy before the warheads trigger, you'll get...5 points. Well, Mike is entitled to a few ways to punish inexperienced players.
                    Completely harmless underground.


                    Shreds, bends, and completely ruins the terrain wherever the projectile lands. Does no damage, but can be used to put tanks in unpleasant locations. Considering that's its purpose, it's pretty darn good at it, although it's not a particularily great weapon overall.

                    Lucky Shot

                    Digs a small tunnel in the direction you aim, then fires a rocket which acts like the Heatseeker but has the damage and blast radius of a Homing Missile. The Lucky Shot is really only good for digging a firing hole out of dirt or a Dome Protect; the rocket is just too low-damage to be much of a factor.


                    Upon nearing the enemy or landing, the projectile bursts into 94 ghosts. The ghosts move slowly, but they penetrate terrain of all kinds, and steadily home in on the enemy tank. They create pretty small blasts, and do 1 damage each. If they go too long without finding a tank, they'll just pop. This isn't a very good weapon, as you rarely get more than a few of the ghosts to hit, resulting in low damage. (Low, as in, around 10 points. Pretty bad.)

                    Power Grid

                    Upon landing, sends out little electricity thingies that do nothing but split into more electricity thingies - well, they also bounce if they collide with rubberized terrain. But then, you'll get to the last set of electricity thingies, which will zap the enemy tank if close enough. Basically, you want to put this weapon in a place where the outer edge of electricity thingies will be very near the enemy tank. Done properly, that tactic can net you a good deal of points, from 90 to 120. In conjunction with enough bouncy dirt, you can probably get even more - if you're inside a Shelter and your opponent is on the outside, it's a simple enough matter to fire the Power Grid with 0 power and net over 200 points. A pretty nice weapon, and a very nice one in the right situation.

                    Shadow Blast

                    Much like Flash Blast, only the terrain is completely blackened, the blast radius is a bit smaller, and it does 50 damage. Consider it a slightly stronger version of Flash Blast.


                    Creates a big pile of bouncy dirt around your tank, then digs a hole in the direction you aim. Be aware that although the purpose of this hole is to shoot out, enemies can also use it to shoot in - and if the weapon they use happens to be Lava, Hail Storm, Napalm, etc., you'll be in for a rough time. It may thus be wisest to plan ahead during weapon selection, and take weapons like Solar Flare, then use the Shelter, dig the hole facing away from the opponent, then unleash the fury of the skies as you sit comfortably behind your rubbery fortress.
                    Even if not, this is a great weapon, offering excellent defensive capabilites. You can even dig the hole straight down into the Earth, then use a Digger on the next move, which will not only put you in a very deep hole but put a nice bouncy dome above it, and there's pretty much no way to get through that. Unless, of course, they have an underground weapon. And then there's the problem of shooting out of it. Well, forget that. Shelter is still a great weapon, though.

                    Super Flare

                    Exactly like Flare, except five warheads are created instead of three. They also spread out a bit more, of course. A valuable weapon.

                    X-Ray Cannon

                    Sends out an arc of sixteen laser beams, which cut through all terrain. Basically, they're unstoppable, and because they come out in an arc, it's easy to hit your opponent. Oh, yes, they do 10 damage each. Of course, the closer you are, the more damage you'll do - you can get a full 160 at close range, but at longer range you'll be closer to 80. It's an excellent weapon; comparable to the Super Laser, but won't be thwarted by multiple layers of terrain, does more damage, and is easier to hit with.

                    SNOWBALL PACK


                    Fires a chain of eight bouncy and colorful wheels. They'll do their best to home in on the enemy tank, even at long range, and if you get close you're pretty much guaranteed a hit. Unfortunately, the whole chain will only do 40 damage, and their explosions don't even nick the terrain. It's a somewhat mediocre weapon - easy to hit with, but 40 damage is very poor.


                    The AI opponents have an incurable bias for Island. If there's an Island in the weapons list, they'll take it instantly. For some reason, they just love Island. Well, I don't. It basically has three uses. Number one, fire it on yourself and carve out the area around you, turning slight misses into complete misses - but most people know how to hit tanks, and not miss them. Number two, fire it on your opponent and follow up with a Scorcher, doing around 100 damage. That's okay, but you need both an Island and a Scorcher, and your enemy can always just move off of the island. Besides, 100 damage isn't outstanding. Number three, fire it while buried to clear out the dirt enough that you can shoot out. This actually works okay, but there will still be dirt there that constrains your movement, so go with a purebred digging weapon. Yeah, you've probably worked out that Island is not that great. Oh, you can fire it in front of your opponent so that the island blocks their aiming, but they can always just aim higher up. Or just move.
                    NOTE: Island does not work properly with Large explosion size. It simply creates a big hole with no island. This may actually be a bit more useful.

                    Neon Blast

                    I remember reading a discussion long ago on the BlitWise forums. The topic was "are Neon Blast and Gravity Well the same?"
                    Well, let me tell you, it was the most clear-cut case of unobservance I have ever seen. And the worst part is, nobody could figure out a difference.
                    So for what it's worth, here are the differences.
                    Number one. Gravity Well is more powerful. On a direct hit, it does about 130 damage. On a direct hit with Neon Blast, you'll only get about 40 at best.
                    Number two. Gravity Well holds the tank in place, and closes in on it, which helps it do more damage. Neon Blast does not, causing the tank to drop down and miss out on quite a bit of damage.
                    There are more differences, but those are the biggest. Of course, there are a couple similarities - they both keep terrain hanging in the air, and they both randomize power and angle. Anyway, you've probably inferred by now that Neon Blast is awful, and Gravity Well isn't, so let's move on.


                    Acts like a Homing Missile, until it gets close to the enemy tank. At that point, it dives down, does 20 damage to tanks, and creates a huge pit. Note that if the projectile doesn't drop down on them strongly enough, it won't do the full 20 damage, so do try to fire it high, high over their head. This is a great weapon; not only does it do just as much damage as a Homing Missile, it puts the enemy in a rough spot that they may not be able to fire out of, and does a much better job of it than Anvil does. You can also follow up with, say, Burnt Popcorn, and get a great deal of damage. Perhaps the best weapon to do this with is Burning Rubber, as it will turn the hole into a poor man's Funnel in addition to doing modest damage.


                    Fires 15 snowballs, which spread out quite a bit. Each snowball will bounce and roll a bit, and they create small blasts which both do 15 damage and create mounds of snow. An excellent weapon; it can do significant damage and bury your opponent at the same time. For additional fun, use in conjunction with a Funnel.
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                      Super and Tornado packs (plus the obligatory part about which expansion packs to purchase):

                      SUPER PACK


                      Fires 15 projectiles, which do spread out a bit. They each do 5 damage, and if they enter the terrain, they'll act like a combination of Heatseekers and Ground Hogs. In other words, they dig in straight lines until they near the enemy tank, at which point they will zoom towards it. A good weapon, assuming there's a lot of dirt around.

                      Gamma Blaster

                      Using the Gamma Blaster is simple. Fire it directly towards your enemy at 0 power. No exceptions. Oh, you want to know how powerful it is, don't you? Well, depending on how accurate and close you are, you'll get anywhere from 60 to 80 points. Not that great, but it's very easy to use, and works in every situation.


                      Acts much like the Buzzsaw,'s bouncier, and the explosions do 30 damage instead of 20, and its final blast does 50 damage. Yeah, it's a lot better than the Buzzsaw - in fact, this is a great weapon. You basically use it like you would the Buzzsaw, and it's capable of a whole lot of damage.

                      Flea Circus

                      Spews out 15 fleas, which hop around a bit, and if they hit a tank, they'll pop and do 5 damage. If they don't hit a tank for a while, they'll just...pop. This isn't a great weapon, since it doesn't do all that much damage (about 60 on average), but it's not too bad, either.
                      Flea Circus has poor handling of glue. Sometimes, the fleas will pop on contact with glue, but most of the time, they'll ignore it. Presumably, they're supposed to pop, but they usually don't. Do not expect glue to be an effective defense against this weapon.

                      Super Star

                      Upon nearing the tank, bursts into three stars, which orbit the enemy tank and shoot it, then explode. Their explosions do 20 damage; their shots do 2. Assuming you use the weapon right (i.e., when the enemy tank is NOT near the bottom of the screen), you can get anywhere from 130 to 200 points - which is very good, especially considering you don't need to get very close to the enemy tank. An extremely valuable weapon.

                      TORNADO PACK


                      It's difficult to explain what this weapon does. Basically, the closer it lands to the tank, the more damage it will do. It does about 90 on a direct hit. But wait, there's more! Erm, well, actually, there isn't. Supposedly there's some really powerful hidden attribute, but the people who know about it are keeping their mouths shut. Anyway, it is a great weapon, I'll leave it to you to figure out why.
                      Oh, you think I know the powerful hidden attribute? Well, very well. If you get a truly direct hit - meaning that you plop the shot down right in the middle of their tank, right under their cannon (it's not a turret, it's a cannon, the turrets on these tanks aren't even visible), then you can get about 300 points.

                      Fizz Bombs

                      Fires a group of small fizzy bombs, which jump around and release smoke. The smoke doesn't do much damage - a perfect shot will only get you about 60. A somewhat poor quality weapon - it just doesn't get very many points, and has no other useful features. On the other hand, the bombs are NOT affected by glue (though this may just be a Flea Circus case).

                      Glue Gun

                      When it nears your opponent, the Glue Gun fires a bit of hot glue. The quantity of glue isn't much, and it does very little damage (about 40 at best), and besides, glue is a defensive weapon! Indeed, the Glue Gun is not an especially useful item. Pretty much the only thing it's good for is neutralizing a Shield or Shelter, but there are better choices for that (see below).

                      Glue Storm

                      Causes a huge quantity of glue to rain down from the skies. Basically, it coats the entire map with glue. A very valuable weapon if your opponent has stocked up on weapons that don't like glue - otherwise, it's somewhat less appealing. It is also excellent at ruining Shelters and Shields.


                      Upon nearing your enemy, releases three circles, which zoom towards their tank like crazy and pound it repeatedly. If they hit terrain, they'll simply bounce off without being affected (unless the tank itself is blocked by terrain, in which case they'll pound through it). It will do 90 damage in the end, and also lift your opponent up into the air quite a bit. It's a very good weapon; easy enough to hit with, and does a good quantity of damage.

                      Hot Coals

                      Fires a spread of coal, which ignites upon nearing your opponent. The ignited coals create flames, and do 1 damage each if they collide with a tank. They'll also roll around a bit. Unignited coals will simply settle on the ground as dirt. Used in the perfect situation, you can actually do around 150 damage with this weapon - but that requires you being quite near your opponent. Otherwise, you can expect anything from 40 to 120 damage. It's a really good weapon - if you can use it right! As for actually using it right, it basically comes down to using the wind to direct the shots into the tank such that they have as little vertical velocity (and probably as much horizontal velocity) as possible.

                      Saucer Attack

                      Calls in two flying saucers, one from each side of the screen. If a saucer collides with terrain, it will create a massive explosion and do 250 damage. The explosion even causes terrain to hang in the air - and that terrain can't be brought down by any means other than destroying it. Otherwise, it will just cruise over to the enemy tank, fire 15 bullets (which do 2 damage each, bounce, and are only fired downward, so if your opponent is somehow above them, the bullets won't hit, however the saucers will when they move up) and ascend to the heavens. Generally, you'll just get the 60 damage and that's it, which is pretty good considering there's no need to aim the weapon, and it can be used in pretty much any situation. However, if your opponent is positioned just right, you can get a saucer to collide with them, and...hoo boy. Let's just say they won't be happy about it. So yeah, it's a great weapon.
                      Okay, here's something else. The saucer that comes from the RIGHT side of the screen can bounce off of Bubble Wrap's bouncy terrain. It apparently doesn't work with any other bouncy weapon, nor with the left saucer. I don't think any of us have any idea why this is.


                      Upon landing, carpets the nearby ground with flames. The flames are very powerful, but fizzle out quickly; you want to use it in a situation where as many flames as possible are funneled into the enemy. Irregular terrain is good for this. In a bad situation, you'll get around 50 damage; in a good one (especially when your opponent is on an Island or Elevator), you could get as much as 200. Yes, it's a good weapon. A great weapon, in fact.


                      Creates a thin, bouncy shield wherever you aim, with a tiny hole to fire from. It's basically like a Shelter, only it won't constrain your movement, and the firing hole is smaller. Beware: skilled opponents may still be able to negotiate their shots into the hole, and the Shield is easy to take out if there's other terrain near it. Still, it's a great item, and probably a lot less risky than the Shelter.

                      Smoke Bomb

                      Bounces on the terrain (but not much) and upon nearing the enemy or bouncing too much, it bursts, and creates a bunch of smoke. This smoke is very weak; it does randomize the enemy's angle and power, but you'll only do 30 damage at best, and that's quite an optimistic estimate. Since the randomizing feature is totally worthless, you can pretty much forget this weapon.


                      Creates a herd of 20 miniature cruisers upon landing. These cruisers do 5 damage each, and cruise quite far. When they explode, their tiny blasts don't damage the terrain. Oh, if the initial projectile hits a tank, it will also do 25 damage. You'll find that in most cases, only a few cruisers will hit the tank, because they will bounce it up and carry it over the rest. Thus, this weapon must be used when your opponent is backed up against a wall. Correctly used in this way, it will get you 100 (or 125) points, so it's worth it. A good weapon.

                      Thor's Hammer

                      Upon nearing your opponent's tank, the hammer will strike it with a bolt of lightning, doing 50 damage, then it will fall. If you can get the hammer to fall on your opponent, it will do an additional 40 damage. So it's a pretty nice weapon, but it's not particularily great.


                      Creates a tornado that cruises along the ground, and shreds up the terrain. It cruises quite far, and it's mainly useful for grinding up glue and bouncy dirt (yes, the Tornado is not thwarted by glue, unless it is created on glue). If it collides with a tank, it will do 30 damage and send the tank ridiculously high into the air. Basically, it's for getting rid of glue and repositioning your opponent. But those two attributes aren't too great - this is a mediocre weapon.

                      Tractor Beam

                      Well, looks like this is the end of the weapons guide. Bye.

                      Oh, oh. I suppose you'll be wanting a description of the Tractor Beam.
                      Well, fine, have it your way. Man, I hate this job.
                      The Tractor Beam creates a, um, tractor beam wherever it lands. It will pull tanks into the sky, and even out of dirt. When a tank is in the sky, it will gradually take damage, but not much (about 40 at best, the best possible is actually 50, but that requires your opponent being at the very top of the screen AND a dead-on hit). The best use for this weapon is to use it on yourself when buried - you can safely extract yourself from the dirt, losing minimal points if any at all. Still, that's about all it's good for - so it's a pretty poor quality weapon.

                      Oh hi guys. I had a part here about which expansion packs to buy but it sucked.
                      Buy the collector's edition instead! It's a better deal!
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                        A preface, to match yours:
                        1. :shocked: Just... wow. And that's an understatement. Have you talked to a PT forum member known as mynameismolotov? Ask about his website.
                        2. If you have a lot of time to spare, you might want to put the weapon packs in chronological order of their release.
                        3. A few minor additions, as follows.

                        - Potholes: The first and last bullet hit where you aim it, so it can be used as a tracer with damage potential. Also a good way to kill a Great Wall.
                        - Sprinkler: Best used first, when you don't have any points to lose.
                        - Mass Driver: With this weapon and "high" explosion kick, the victim gets flung into the air, stays off-screen for about six seconds, and lands somewhere randomly.

                        Also harmless underground: Snowblower, Aqua Bomb, and Super Flare.

                        And again, you have become the digital embodiment of awesome with just one (sort of) post.

                        EDIT: Redundant corrections have been removed.
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                          Boy, oh boy. Lots and lots of typos, eh?
                          I didn't mention the Lob-o-Matic glitch, since it is, well, a bug. I guess it wouldn't hurt to do so, though (the Tunnel glitch also).
                          Most of those things I just plain failed to mention (like Neon Blast randomizing power and angle and Super Nova's bullets exploding at the bottom of the map), but I didn't know Mass Driver did 250 damage, not 300, nor that the problem with Dome Protect was fixed. I need to start testing more things for myself.

                          EDIT: Although, I did mention Flare only doing 5 damage if the initial projectile hits.

                          EDIT2: And in response to your question, no, I had not seen his website - but I don't think his weapon guide is all that helpful, since it's missing usage advice and also has quite a bit of incorrect info (Rockslide has way more than 150 rocks, Laser Battery does 5 damage for each laser, etc.). And lots of weapons have no descriptions.
                          Oh, and it doesn't have the Nano Pack. Not that I would expect it to.
                          Also, he says Glue Storm is a damaging weapon. Um?
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                            YOU ACTUALLY TYPED ALL THAT?!?!?!?
                            WOW MAN WOW!!!!!

                            Welcome to Blitwise!!


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                              You obviously havent saw a emotional loofiloo..

                              Make sure to add this to island.

                              However, If you shoot it at just the right degree, you can make the island obstruct the aiming of the tank while they are on the cut out portion, forcing them to move or re-aim.