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Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

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  • Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

    Welcome back! The long awaited return of the WST! Those of you who have been here a while and are paying attention know that the previous WST hasn't been fully churned through yet, as we've been pouring our efforts into Online Play. However, due to overwhelming demand, I'm opening up the new thread so you have a place to empty your boundless creativity in a safe and moral manner.


    Welcome to the Pocket Tanks Weapon Suggestion Thread!
    (aka: WST)

    If you would like to help with brainstorming weapon ideas for Pocket Tanks, then this is the place for you. Feel free to post your ideas, and I'll compile the list and use them to inspire future weapon packs.

    Here's the basic rules for posting weapon ideas, as described in previous weapon suggestion threads:

    -Weapon name in bold.
    -Follow weapon name with a space, colon, semicolon, or dash.
    -Weapon description in regular type.
    -Separate weapon suggestions from one another. (Extra line, etc)
    -Post icons or pictures if you choose. Icon should precede the description, any pictures should follow it.
    -Offer suggestions or critique (constructively) other poster's weapons.

    -Use colored text in the name or description.
    -Complain if a weapon is similar to a previous weapon.
    -Mess around with Slim.
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    Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

    Tag Cannon: Fires a flare that paints the target when it lands, afterwards a dozen of mini missiles homes in on the flare with deadly accuracy

    Flame Broiler: Pin Cushion weapon with added Fire damage

    Gun Barrel: After the shot lands on the tank a blast erupts from under the tank sending it flying in the air, it deals 100 points of damage

    Cryo Nuke: A Nuke that destroys terrain and releases tons of Liquid Nitrogen

    Torch: A zapper that ignites the tank, after a few moments it explodes
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      Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

      Gyro Rubber: Just like Gyro Glue except it uses rubber instead of glue

      Glue Splatter: Same as Molten Plastic but it is replaced with hot glue

      Cold Fusion: Creates a explosion that releases hail. The longer it stays in the air the size of the explosion will increase with more hail, it however does not increase the damage

      Hot Fusion: Same as Cold Fusion except the explosion creates fires

      Quasars: Surrounds the enemy tank with orbs of electricity moving it randomly in the air for a while, it deals 2 points of damage over time and it does not explode when expired
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        Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

        Sandbag: Creates a large row of hovering dirt

        Color Rocks: Fires a large stream of small rainbow colored rocks

        Pop Gun: A volley of bouncing bullets that make a lot of popping sounds when bouncing, bounces off tanks as well

        Caltrops: Bursts into huge cluster of stationary spikes that damages tanks

        Tempest: Summons a large Tornado that zaps both terrain and tanks with tons of lightning
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          Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

          Pulse Bomb: Large area of effect weapon that does not destroy or char terrain

          Molten Wax: Sprays large amounts of molten wax when near tank, hardens into dirt afterwards

          Missile Strike: Calls down dozens of explosive missiles across the terrain

          Catalyst: Chain Reaction weapon that spreads out over time, chars terrain rather than destroying it

          Oil: Large can of crude oil splatters into a large black puddle that ignites if near tank, unlit oil will settle as pitch black dirt


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            Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

            Hive: Creates a stationary hive filled with tons of bees, the bees will automatically seek out and sting tanks as well launching them in the air, the hive then becomes a sphere of dirt after the bees disappear

            Earthquake: Make the entire terrain very rough, any hovering dirt will fall to the ground as well

            Powder Keg: Roller that pours gun powder as it travels, when stopped the powder ignites as the sparks travels to the powder keg, afterwards the powder keg will explode massively

            Tower: Puts the tank on a very large narrow column of dirt

            Long Tom: A nuke that is unaffected by gravity


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              Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

              Gambit: Moves randomly, the power and size of explosions are also random

              Turret Bot: Bouncing shot that fires at the tank very fast when near

              Starburst: Pyrotechnic weapon that explodes in eight directions

              Radial Charges: Clusters of bombs explode in violent shockwaves pushing tanks away

              Mini Rockets: Volleys of small explosive projectiles


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                Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                Plasma Thrower: Extremely hot version of the flamethrower that burns through terrain

                Chemical Fire: Acid melts and chars terrain starting fires along the way

                Dirty Bomb: Large explosive that leaves radiation fallout after detonation

                Microwave: Shockwave that emits from the tank chars terrain pitch black and pushes tanks, large area of effect

                Powerline: Five towering columns rise from the dirt zapping tanks that touch it
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                  Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                  Grass Seeds: Seeds rain from the sky growing tiny blocks of dirt across the terrain

                  Icebreaker: Creates a large ball of ice, afterwards it breaks into many sharp fragments that settles in as dirt

                  Fuse Box: Traps and zaps the tank in a small steel box

                  Solstice: Bigger version of Fire + Ice, very explosive too

                  Blitz: A large cone of thunderbolts explodes and bounces across terrain


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                    Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                    Holographic Bomb: Large explosive that passes through terrain, it also does not destroy or char terrain

                    Steamrollers: Tommy Gun that shoot a lot of cruisers

                    Glue + Rubber: Splatters both burning glue and rubber across the terrain

                    Black Paint: Like Rubber Paint but paints the dirt pitch black

                    Pulse Cannon: Powerful line of sight weapon with a small explosion
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                      Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                      Tetriminos: Tetrimino shaped dirt blocks rain from the sky

                      Splinter: A spinning drone that fire bullets in many directions

                      Fire Rings: Cruisers that leaves a trail of fire and explodes into napalm

                      Net: Ensnares and traps the tank in a large dome of mesh

                      Rocket Harpoon: Line of sight weapon travels at high speed imbedding itself in terrain before exploding


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                        Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                        Ion Cannon: Unstoppable high powered laser strikes from above then followed by a secondary massive explosion where the laser hits

                        Buzzsaw Missiles: A salvo of four highly explosive homing missiles cuts through terrain as it passes through it

                        Gumball: A large sphere of bouncing dirt is formed

                        Carbonated Water: Splashes water that forms bubbles

                        Glue Ball: Roller that leaves a trail of burning glue, splatters it everywhere when it explodes
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                          Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                          Glue Tunnel: Creates a Tunnel with walls made of glue

                          Rubber Rain: Coats the entire terrain with rubber

                          Glue Hose: Sprays a large stream of burning glue from the tank

                          Corrosive Glue: Acid Bombs mixed with glue

                          Plastic Explosive: Claymore weapon that coats terrain with rubber
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                            Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                            Caustic Gas: Same as Smoke Bomb but does more damage and the smoke melts terrain

                            Molten Rocks: A cascade of burning rocks chars terrain before cooling

                            Coal Block: Creates a sphere of coal, if it hits the tank the sphere ignites then explodes in chunks of burning coal

                            Repulse: Beam of energy pushes tanks away, unaffected by gravity

                            Earth: Massive ball of dirt is formed


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                              Re: Weapon Suggestion Thread: August 2013

                              Wow!QuakeMan, so many suggestions you have!! Amazing
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