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    Let's move on. No need to fight/agrue on this family friendly platform.

    shawndia post more of your GREAT mafia jokes!


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      Baba, you've got to come to the dark side: buy all the weapon packs. And for the love of all that is holy, stop using Ground Hogs.

      John, for my title I'd like Blitmaster General.


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        Tisk tisk tisk WannabeAdmin,

        Let's All be Respectful of John's hard work and post in the appropriate locations.

        Thank you.


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          Originally posted by shawnmz View Post
          I personally really do not like the idea of ranks and leaderboards.
          It would change the family friendly platform this game is made on. This is not baloons lol
          I do believe eliminating the abusive language is an excellent idea though.
          No offence BabaOriley, but I think you should buy the weapon packs for the reasons discussed.
          If PT wants to drive sales then I think there are an abundance of ways to do that.
          Fortunately, Blitwise is not all about chasing the money as they have shown many times.
          Ditto! lol


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            While Re-reading this Awful Suggestion for Leaderboards it became clear in an Instant that our fellow player, Ms. Baba is Simply Naive and not an aggressive Troll or Rude individual.
            Simply put, it's Evident she has Not been playing or Engaging in the forums for much time. Trolls and Rude people do Exist here and throughout the internet and as We here All know and Have experienced, they Delight in Defaming and Belittling Others. Adding a Fertile Breading Ground for such activity would be an open invitation for More!
            To do so would be as blind as creating a Chat Pack, just as the developers have kindly explained would be a disaster!

            Hope that helps all concerned with this thread's wrongful but innocent intention and in clearing up her name and reputation.

            Thx! ✌


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              Originally posted by BabaOriley View Post
              Hi everyone,
              Been playing pocket tanks on and off for a couple years, and quite a bit in the last few months.

              I feel I should preface my suggestions with a little about my playing style, and strategy.
              First, I am one who usually, if possible, will move to the edge of the map.* This does a few things for me.* It makes it more important that my opponent doesn't overshoot me, or they won't get any benefit from that near miss.* Being close to the edge of the playing field also gives me a more reliable reference point to estimate my shot settings.* Lastly, if someone buries me, I can shoot weapons off the map without causing myself damage.* Some think this is not fair, yet it's a strategy available to anyone.* If you don't like it, you may want to start using some weapons that can position your opponent where you want them. Weapons like pop rocket, cannon ball, sniper rifle, power washer, missile turret, and others.

              I love the funnel, and the huge points I can rack up with it in combination with weapons such as fission bomb, dazzler, napalm, and others.* Some forfeit when I use the funnel.* Others know to carry weapons to defend against it.* If not to get themselves out of it, they should be able to at least minimize the damage it exposes them to.*It's there. You can use it too, and it can be countered with many weapons typically used to get yourself unburied, or to move yourself.* If someone puts me in a funnel, my first response may be to bury them, myself, or jump out of it.

              I only have 30 weapons selected.* If I had to have 50 or 75 selected I'd only select the minimum.* This is the only logical thing to do if you want the best chance of having your best weapons for select from.* If everyone had to live with whatever random selection the computer gave you, I'd live with that too.* As it is today, I only have to have 30 selected, so why would I not take advantage of that?* Choose your active weapons carefully!

              I've started to forfeit immediately if someone's first shot is to bury me.* Yes, I could adapt, and figure something out to counter, but it's just such a boring strategy, and taking advantage of having the first move, that I just don't want to deal with it.* It's not fun.* I have a few times after a match where all someone wants to do is bury me, come back with all dirt and underground weapons and give them a taste of their own medecine, but it's just not fun.

              I really enjoyed your discussion of strategy! THANK YOU. I see a lot of this in some of my opponents. Now I can start to develop a counter strategy!