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    Hi everyone,
    Been playing pocket tanks on and off for a couple years, and quite a bit in the last few months.

    I feel I should preface my suggestions with a little about my playing style, and strategy.
    First, I am one who usually, if possible, will move to the edge of the map.* This does a few things for me.* It makes it more important that my opponent doesn't overshoot me, or they won't get any benefit from that near miss.* Being close to the edge of the playing field also gives me a more reliable reference point to estimate my shot settings.* Lastly, if someone buries me, I can shoot weapons off the map without causing myself damage.* Some think this is not fair, yet it's a strategy available to anyone.* If you don't like it, you may want to start using some weapons that can position your opponent where you want them. Weapons like pop rocket, cannon ball, sniper rifle, power washer, missile turret, and others.

    I love the funnel, and the huge points I can rack up with it in combination with weapons such as fission bomb, dazzler, napalm, and others.* Some forfeit when I use the funnel.* Others know to carry weapons to defend against it.* If not to get themselves out of it, they should be able to at least minimize the damage it exposes them to.*It's there. You can use it too, and it can be countered with many weapons typically used to get yourself unburied, or to move yourself.* If someone puts me in a funnel, my first response may be to bury them, myself, or jump out of it.

    I only have 30 weapons selected.* If I had to have 50 or 75 selected I'd only select the minimum.* This is the only logical thing to do if you want the best chance of having your best weapons for select from.* If everyone had to live with whatever random selection the computer gave you, I'd live with that too.* As it is today, I only have to have 30 selected, so why would I not take advantage of that?* Choose your active weapons carefully!

    I've started to forfeit immediately if someone's first shot is to bury me.* Yes, I could adapt, and figure something out to counter, but it's just such a boring strategy, and taking advantage of having the first move, that I just don't want to deal with it.* It's not fun.* I have a few times after a match where all someone wants to do is bury me, come back with all dirt and underground weapons and give them a taste of their own medecine, but it's just not fun.

    Pocket tanks is my favorite game on Android.* While I love the game, and will continue to play, I have a couple ideas I felt were worthy of posting here.

    1.* A toggle in settings for "Even Weapons". This would make it so in a match with a randomly selected opponent, the computer would draw weapons randomly for each player, from only those packs BOTH players have, and only weapons both players had selected.* If a rematch is requested (not random), all weapons a player has activated would be available, but only from packs both players have available.* This would typically not amount to 20 weapons that were mutually activated, so the computer could add weapons at random from all packs both players have installed to reach 20 weapons available to choose from.* If a player does not check the "Even Weapons" box, they would only be entered in random matches with others who did not select it.

    My reasoning for this suggestion stems from the fact that I've begun forfeiting a match as soon as I see my opponent use weapons from packs I haven't purchased.* I should point out that the reason I don't purchase all those packs is not because I can't afford another $12.* If my suggestion above was implemented, I would purchase all the packs.* The reason I stick to the Deluxe pack only, is because it seems as if most players have only purchased the Deluxe pack.* First, it would be no fun for me to have vastly superior weapons than my opponent. Where's the challenge in that? Also, I wouldn't want to have the majority of my opponents just forfeit, wasting my time, like I so often do when someone has weapons so much better than mine.* Some would say I should stick it out in an unfair match, real war/life isn't fair, or something like that,* but...* This is supposed to be fun.* Evenly matched weapons would make it much more so.* If it was made a choice in settings, those who enjoy being the dominator, and those who don't mind being totally dominated could do so to their heart's content if they want.* Nothing would change for them.* The rest of us could have a more even playing field, and I think Blitwise would sell more weapons packs.* I WOULD BUY ALL THE WEAPONS PACK IF I COULD CHOOSE TO ONLY DRAW RANDOM MATCHES WITH PLAYERS HAVING THE SAME PA KS I DO.* "EVEN WEAPONS'.

    2.* There's no excuse for not having online stats and leader boards in 2016.* Again, something that would drive competition and sell more weapons packs.

    3.* Could Blitwise administrative staff please do some patrolling of profane or racist user names?* Kids play here.

    I'm sure I'll continue playing without these suggestions being implemented. It's still more fun than frustration, but leveling the playing field would make it more fun.* Thank you Blitwise for creating such a great game!

    Last edited by BabaOriley; 04-01-2016, 12:11 AM. Reason: Fixed some autocorrect typos. That was alot to type on my phone!

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    Wow I guess this board doesn't handle a double space between sentences well. Sorry about that.


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      Hi BabaOriley,

      First off, I would like to welcome you to the forums (I've never seen you here before, so pardon me if you're not new to this place). I really like your suggestions, you obviously polished them before presenting them to us, because they are quality ideas/concerns.

      We are taking major steps in multi-play and online interactions in 2016. One of the possibilities that may (and very likely will) be opened up, is the opportunity to ban illicit usernames in our games. This is a concern that concerns all of us here at BlitWise deeply, as we believe all of our games should be accessible to as many people possible, all while preserving our fundamental conservative vows.

      As for your other two ideas of which I like very much, I can't fully reply to those due to our confidentiality policies, but will assure you that the rest of the team will look over your suggestions and may use them in a future release (who knows?).



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        That's quite a bit to read Baba!
        I needed to breath deeply several times! Lol

        Illicit names and profanity have no place here. Leader boards and ranks is not a good idea. Then we'd have the already Rude braggers Crowing Over even more. Just imagine, The Inappropriate displays and Rudeness!!
        O Brother...

        Regarding, your style...
        Quite a unique perspective. You have many Overly Strong Views.
        Not buying more than just the Deluxe Pack!? And complaining about others?
        I'll tell you what, Buy the Packs, Support the Game, give a little Praise to the Developers and Then post a complaint.
        Hope I helped without any of that Rudeness.

        Best reason to buy the packs, Support those that make you have F. U. N.

        The changes you have all made here developers are excellent!
        Keep your heads up from any negativity.


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          There's no reason to assume online stats and leaderboards would cause any negativity. What it would do is provide a chance for players to set goals and have a more competitive experience. I didn't suggest live chat.

          The reason for my "Even Weapons" suggestion came for several reasons.
          1. I find with the Deluxe Pack, I already win 9/10 games by 200+ points, if they reaxh the end. Most players forfeit if they geg behind more than 300 points. Many forfeit if you even use the Superstar. Why would I want to purchase even better weapons, to win by even more points, or have even more opponents forfeit by round 4?

          I can tell by the weapons people use that many don't underatand you can select 30 of your favorite weapons to draw from. I'm pretty sure very few using the "single shot" included it in their favorite 30.

          2. I could still have great fun in this game with the basic weapons pack if I could play opponents that had the same weapons to choose from. Do you think there's a lot of players in here who enjoy losing by 800 points every game because they have inferior weapons? I know there's many who enjiy dishing out a beating, even if it's a totally unfair match. Not I.
          I'm guessing you have all packs MrAlvin?

          Wouldn't you enjoy winning more knowing your skills had more to do with it than having 7 or 8 weapons that score 200+ points each, or because you have weapons that score 100+ or more while simultaneously burying your opponent?

          This is such a perfect strategy game until it becomes unfair. If you have fun winning over and over relying on weapons superiority rather than strategy and skill, that js your choice. It is my choice to forfeit. Maybe you enjoy that the same as fair competition? I don't.


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            Welcome, Baba. Don't mind Alvin. He don't read too goodly and long posts make his head hurt (just kidding). I'm sure the administrators will consider your points. It's nice to see people caring about the game enough to come on here and write write write.

            Personally, I would be opposed to rankings because of all the variations in the game. Like, if you had a top ten of 30-weapon players, does that take into account how many weapon packs they have, the quality of their opponents, whether those were quick pick games, etc. I think it would require some tight game parameters for the developers to incorporate into the game structure.

            Here's an idea that just struck me big time: We users though have all we need here on the forum to set up our own leagues. I'm pretty into fantasy football, so I'm picturing a setup like that, where we play seasons under a certain set of bylaws that keep the game fair. Like an 8-team league or something, with a schedule or round robin. Hmmmm, I'm liking that idea. If you check out fantasy football forums, they always have a thread called "Looking For Leagues" where people post about what kind of league they are making or want to join. All we'd really need is a game tournament hosting site to keep track of things. I'm going to look into that.

            Dude, just buy all the weapon packs, then play with 30 weapons and experience the love, lol. The game would be much richer for you. Many of your points seem to be based on playing random or (sorry to say) low quality opponents. But even if there are no "leagues" (yet) you can build a group of quality opponents from the forum, in which you all can agree on game rules and keep things fair.

            I would say this though if you're looking for forum opponents: if you don't like to be buried, good luck. Thirty-weapon games played by forum members tend to be HEAVY on such tactics. See my other posts on this issue. But I've actually been wondering if anyone would like to play stacked games (30 weapons) with an agreed upon number of burying weapons, say no more than 1 or 2. That could be pretty fun. Call it the Open Air Pocket Tanks League, lol. We can play some games like that if you want. PM me and we can clarify what "buried" means.
            Last edited by Metallian; 04-01-2016, 01:26 PM.


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              Here's a suggestion for the moderators: can we extend the time before the forum automatically logs a user out? Us long-winded folks keep getting logged out before we can complete our posts.


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                And I take offense to the title Amateur Blitter. I thought I was Wannabe King, lol.


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                  Hey Metallian,

                  I was actually going to look into extending the time-out, as I get annoyed by it as well quite often. Also, if you are seriously offended by the titles, and have something better in mind, other than wannabe king, then feel free to tell us.



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                    John axed all my ancient PT weapon based titles, filling the void with inferior knockoffs.

                    I extended the timeout significantly from 15 minutes to 20. If you run up against it still, consider it the forum's way of encouraging you to be more concise, or to stop posting while at work.
                    Quid custodit ipsos custodes

                    My Administrative motto

                    Wielder of a +1 Vorpal Sword of Banning.


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                      Metallian you're right, anyone not having the best weapon packs will most likely not make the top rankings, and stats wouldn't reflect game variations, but... It would drive sales of weapons packs for those who think they could be ranked high.

                      I used to play spades in Yahoo. (wow! starting about 20 years ago!) I joined a "ladder" at (Case's Ladder). I'd bet they would create a free ladder for Pocket Tanks. If I remember correctly, way it works is by sending a challenge to who you want to play and they have a given period to invite you to play. Ladder name must match player name. There's rules about top 10 players playing xhallenge matches in the correct order according to rank etc... Loser reports the match outcome to the ladder. It did need moderators, but I was surprised hiw well it worked until the day Yahoo decided they would shut diwn all their game servers.

                      Playing Alvin right now. Surprise, he lead with the water faucet for 190 points putting me in a hole so deep I dont have a shot. LOL


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                        I personally really do not like the idea of ranks and leaderboards.
                        It would change the family friendly platform this game is made on. This is not bloons lol
                        I do believe eliminating the abusive language is an excellent idea though.
                        No offence BabaOriley, but I think you should buy the weapon packs for the reasons discussed.
                        If PT wants to drive sales then I think there are an abundance of ways to do that.
                        Fortunately, Blitwise is not all about chasing the money as they have shown many times.
                        Last edited by shawnmz; 04-02-2016, 04:06 PM.


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                          I rest my case.
                          Alvin 896 / Me 334
                          Pipeline 181 / Groundhog 23
                          Flower Power 118 / Torpedo 0 (miss)
                          Firehose 75 / Torpedo 108
                          Fire In The Hole 56 / Dirt Mover 0
                          Tarball 30 / Ion Cannon - 5
                          Lava 253 / Power Washer 49
                          Gamma Blaster 65 / Superstar 109
                          Elevator 0 / Pop Rocket 50
                          Superstar 28 / Groundhog 0 (miss)
                          X-Ray Cannon 80 / Dirtball 0


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                            If I bought all the weapons packs I couldn't use them. Half my opponents forfeit already. It would be boring winning by 500 every game.


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                              O Brother! Losing and complaining. Never a good mix. Leaves a bitter taste! Spit spit yuck yuck.

                              If you don't want to play against better players with better weapons who Don't Miss, as you demonstrated, then why invite me. I know, It's evident, you Just Want to Complain.

                              WannabeAdmin and shawndia are Right!
                              Get the weapons Mid-Way Fan.
                              Take the advice, get new friends.
                              What your pushing is a fundamentalist change to the game.

                              No no please, Let's keep Pocket Tanks away from abusive growth like you recommend.

                              Good Job everyone peacefully combating ideas that divide us!