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  • Live Chat: Pocket Tanks Tips


    This is a fan-made app where you can learn every little details of each weapon of Pocket Tanks.
    Here, every player, veteran or new alike can definitely learn some new things..
    This app was made with the help of some die-hard fans of Pocket Tanks Deluxe. It is the first time we created an app, so please be patient with us.

    In PTTips, Each weapon has over 30 Attributes assigned to it including 13 Ratings!
    Each weapon has 3 broad set of attributes Ratings/ Parameters/ Effects.
    Some of the Features of Pocket Tanks Tips include,

    Chat Live with other PT players all over the world!
    Participate in Tournaments with other players.
    (No Login Required.)

    •Game Planner:
    Here you can select 10 weapons that you own in your match and then get combos that can be possible with them, or get quick tips about each weapon!
    Get Suggestions for weapons to choose next from Weapon Depot.
    Get suggestions on which weapon to shoot next based upon What your opponent played in last round!
    Select Strategy to get the ratings for each weapon in that strategy, so you can better choose the weapon you want to use in next volley!

    •Combo Guide:
    See all the Weapon Combos that are possible with 320 weapons.
    We have included 7000+ combos already, if we are missing some combos shoot us an e-mail. We will add new combos as soon as possible.

    Compare two weapons side by side. So if you are confused in weapons depot, this feature will surely help you!

    •Strategy Guide:
    Learn some strategies that might be useful to your gameplay!

    •Pocket Tanks News:
    Be up to date with Latest News in the community. Watch Interesting Videos and Screenshots from the game!

    Share your Screenshots/Video with the community. You can browse through other people's screenshots too.

    •Features to be included in Later Versions:
    Combo Videos

    If you have any feedback or feature request, please send us an email!

    (Send us invite in Pocket Tanks, Lets Play!)

    "Pocket Tanks and all associated artwork is (c) BlitWise Productions, LLC. Used with permission."

    Chat with other Players, Plan strategy, Weapons Wiki and more!
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    VETERANS UNITED MEMBER!!! Excuse me for my English, I'm from Russia. Playing PT since 2001!