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  • Scorched Tanks Forum?

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so Samail can move it if he wants to.

    I though since ekoz's revival of Scorched Tanks, and because he always goes on about him being the only one who "keeps it dedicated", could [a mod] make another forum for Scorched Tanks?

    That way ekoz might get others trying to dedicate it, and it was Mike's first game.
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    i rather like this (i'm not whining about being the only one to dedicate it, though. i rather like it. it gives me more importance, other than the icon masta thing i got going on...). it could be a place to officialize Mike's first (and SEVERELY underappreciated) game. like, a ground zero for scorched tanks, where you can post about the game, post pics, and maybe even prepare for the ressurection of the game in 2.0 form by throwing out ideas and theories to mike about engine tweaks.

    just an idea, though. it's up to Mike and Ben in the end...(that list would have used to have Brian included in it, but alas, he is gone, seemingly forever. i knew him well...)

    (...not really...)

    (...did i?...)

    ( i did not...)

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      I haven't seen Ben on in a while either, I know he is still around though, he is just hiding.
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        ~Please give me reputation if you like my ideas! ^^


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          all I'd want to see is a windows version. Seeing that the amiga is about as commonly seen in stores as the atari 2600
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            once again, see the link in my sig if you really want to play Scorched Tanks...
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              can someone guide me?