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    Will there be or is there a way to control the firing using keys? (W,A,S,D) to shoot?

    If the programmers read this, PLEASE implement this function of an 8-way firing system (as in ROBOTRON 2084) as an alternative to the auto-firing.
    Thank you for an excellent game!

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    well, that would be only 8 ways to shoot and would make it much more difficult.
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      Some people acctually like to personalise there games, even if it would require much higher skill. The game does not always fire at the right position, and watching two enemys at the same distance and speed come right at you, and you know you could of killed them by yourself is kind of disappointing. Maybe in some future version they will apply this to the game, but as for now, no option is avalible.


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        Not going to happen. That is just not what kind of game this is. There is a logic and a reason behind the auto firing function, one that serves many purposes. First, it makes the game more accessible, less intimidating. Second, it emphasizes a different kind of skill. Games such as you describe are primarily geared toward killing your enemy before your enemy kills you. Neon Wars purposely sidesteps this, giving you a sleek, dodge and grab gameplay that encourages you to seek our the powerups first rather than dodging your enemy. I understand the purpose of your request, but I think if you ponder it for a bit, what you ask for is really a completely different game, and it would not be Neon Wars. The mouse control and auto fire, for better or worse, is what sets Neon Wars apart from the rest of the 2D shooter genre.
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          It's called LOOKING AT THE README!


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            I like mouse control in 1.11a - it's more sensitive that in older versions
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              You know that Blitwise has made games that are Ever so simplistic and easy to play? If you looked on links to other websites they are all games that can be aplyed by little kids, I may not be corect on this but the company makes games suited for the ages under 10 or so..


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                We know... I wish they had a more brutal side to them XD!


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                  Re: Control Question

                  I search this on net, but didn't get any exact result..