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Neon Wars is Officially Released

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  • Neon Wars is Officially Released

    Just so everyone knows... Neon Wars has shipped! It's been a long couple of weeks leading up to today, and it's fantastic to finially be done. I hope everyone likes the game!

    I generally play the game on the Elite difficulty level. What's your high score with the Elite/BlueZone settings?

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    I'm still unfamilliar with the game style. I play on normal and my highest score is like 160,000 or something.
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      I like the name of the new game it's pretty ausome.
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        hey zwaken you have the extended post thingy!


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          Its so awesome!
          I just tried it out - at first I thought ''This Really looks kinda 'Old''' but when I switched the Graphics to High---- A Laser Show is nothing against it!

          And it is sooo adicctive! Im going right back into it...

          Oh and it is also great because it skills your aiming abillities... I will recommend the Demo of it for my FC Clan...

          Its jst great! I'm off!


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            Uh... my best (after 5 tries) on the Elite/Blue zone setting is a measly 50,000-something. :o

            It's REALLY hard, but I'm sure I'll improve.


            Just curious, but what is you guys' (developers) best on that setting?



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              ill try elite some time and post my score on here..


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                Second playthrough on Elite got me 71420...


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                  elite is hard especialy if the big warp thing comes and releases the ice cubes.


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                    It's not that I find the game exceedingly difficult, it's just that I hate those annoying purple circle-like enemies that go really fast, often surprising you. If there is a whole swarm of them coming after me, then I'm usually pwned.

                    Any tips on how to avoid them? Because when I see one coming, I get surprised a little, and can ram into something else.

                    None of the other enemies annoy me as much as that one does...


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                      In the later parts of a game, when a purple circle enemy swarm appears, I without hesitation, fire a special weapon saved specifically for that purpose.
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                        That's thinking for you! Forethought!
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                          I'm really starting to hate those circles too...:rolleyes:
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                            I tried at easy at first, I got so many extra lives that I thought that I'd never die, but when I got past 1.5 millions, it started to get a bit harder.

                            Elite is too hard for me, I'm playing on Hard...

                            edit: On my laptop, the first time I played, the graphics quality was set to low, then the next time I started it, it was set to high automatically.


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                              This game so cool! First time i play for 5 hours! Oh my god, i want Deluxe version... Easy score in blue zone = 3000000
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