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    I'm trying to get into DF again, but I recently had a huge setback when one of my forts went several hours without a save, then my computer overheated. For some reason I didn't have seasonal autosave on. I was working on a challenge from this site:

    The order was to build a grand hospital out of bronze in a wilderness tropical jungle. Also, only female dwarves could work, and none of the founding dwarves were allowed to work. I had the environment and everything, and had even started construction on the hospital, but then the overheating happened.

    The fort was practically rebuilt from the ground up too, because I couldn't farm/brew fast enough to keep the dwarves from dying of thirst. Just before the last 2-3 dwarves got completely dehydrated, a wave of 22 migrants showed up. Needless to say, I made almost all of them farmers and brewers for a long time.

    I'll probably start a new one in a few days.
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      I didn't play the game for some months, but started running a community fortress for one of the forums I go to. It really helped me get back into it because I wasn't playing it "as a game". I was playing it as a story and wrote it as I went along; was really quite nice. I'm still running the fortress, albeit the fact I have not updated it for a few days now.