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  • Mini-Blitwise FAQ

    I thought about a Blitwise FAQ that the community could benefit from. Here are some of the questions and answers to them. You may also click here (mostly forum-related) and here (support).

    Forum and website questions
    Question: I have an old version of a purchased game. Can I get the newest version?
    CSY: If you purchased the deluxe version from Blitwise OR Cornerstone TSP Games, you will be able to get those updates. Just e-mail for the newest version.

    Question: Can I get the games for free?
    CSY: The games are shareware. This means you are allowed to try out these games for free. Unlike most other games, you do not have a trial period to follow. Your features are just limited. As for the deluxe versions, you must purchase them from Blitwise. Purchasing them from Blitwise also gives you free updates to the latest version. All free versions can be downloaded here.

    Question: I'm hearing there is a special edition of Pocket Tanks. What is going on?
    CSY: The Pocket Tanks Collector's Edition was developed and released. Although ten exclusive weapons were planned, they were not included.

    Hardware and installation questions
    Question: Why can't I use the Expansion Packs?
    CSY: You must have the Deluxe version to use expansion packs. If you do have it, make sure they are in the same installation path. No shareware editions support expansion packs, as they were meant as a way to expand upon deluxe owners who aren't getting enough of the deluxe edition.
    CSY: It is worth noting that Mac OS X users who have more than one installed copy of Pocket Tanks Deluxe (or the Collector's Edition) may encounter problems using expansion packs because they get installed into the wrong Pocket Tanks directory. The best way to fix this problem is uninstall all copies of Pocket Tanks Deluxe, and then reinstall only one copy of Pocket Tanks Deluxe.

    Question: I bought Pocket Tanks Gold for $8, but I don't see any new weapons. What is going on?
    CSY: You bought the Gold expansion pack, which is not the full deluxe game. All expansion packs require the Deluxe version to be used. Read the above answer.

    Question: I have Pocket Tanks Deluxe, but I can't use a weapon pack tagged with [v1.6]. Why?
    CSY: These weapons require Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1.60. Deluxe owners should e-mail for the newest version.

    CSY: You bought the Gold expansion pack, which is not the full deluxe game. All expansion packs require the Deluxe version to be used. Read the above answer.
    Gameplay questions
    Question: I heard that you can unlock the Megaball board pack for Super DX-Ball. Does this apply to only the Deluxe version?
    CSY: No. All you have to do is click on the Mega Ball power up icon to unlock.

    Question: How can I play this through my network? I would like to play multiplayer on the internet.
    CSY: Very limited support for Network play is available at this time. Only LAN is fully supported at this time, although support is planned on being extended.
    CSY: Beware. It is still quite buggy. I've heard that the games sometimes de-sync.

    Question: I used a weapon. I did hit the opponent, but the bullets went right back at me and damaged me!
    CSY: Chances are, you were using the wind feature or an incredibly strange weapon.

    Question: What!?! I was trying to catch the ball and I picked up a kill paddle because I either had to pick up or lose the ball!
    CSY: Those Kill Paddles are nasty. They have a nasty habit of spawning everywhere you go. All of Blitwise's breakout games are rigged in this fashion.
    CSY: With respect to Longbow Games, DX-Ball 2 is also rigged, but not necessarily Rival Ball.

    Question: I heard the weapon called Lemon is a totally useless weapon! Is it true?
    CSY: Almost. If you get covered with dirt and don't want to lose so many points, the Lemon can still be used as a defense against losing points.
    CSY: On top of that, I heard it has been used as a "tie-breaker", causing one player or another to win by one point thanks to it.

    Question: How many weapons are there in Pocket Tanks?
    CSY: Including all expansions and the deluxe version, there are presently 275 weapons. If you were surprised by this many, you probably found the game "way late". When it first came out to buy, only 60 weapons were available. Even I was "too late". By the time I found this game, 65 additional weapons were already available in 7 expansion Packs.

    Development questions
    Question: What is in the works? When will it be released?
    CSY: Pocket Tanks 1.6 and the weapon packs have just been released. The slate has been emptied for now.

    Question: I have some ideas for Pocket Tanks weapons! Where do I send them to?
    CSY: Use an open official Weapon Suggestion Thread in this forum. If there isn't an open thread, you'll have to wait for it.

    If I am missing any questions, you may ask them here.
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    Pretty good idea, this way we won't be seeing to much useless stuff popping up.
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      Yes, it does seem useful!
      Of course, it doesn't cover everything, but there are a few of Brian's threads outlining specific questions that you haven't covered anyway, so I guess you're all set!
      Good job!
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        At least I don't have to worry about time limited editing, because that is what I would have to fight in order to get all questions into one. What questions am I missing?
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          Remeber Lordlactose? Well, here is something like such...
          Q: I bought PTanks for $8, I have PTanks Gold Version, but I don't have any new weapons, whats wrong.
          A: You bought the gold pack, not the Gold Version, you need the Deluxe version to run.

          Here's another one:
          G: I have V1.0b. Where do I upgrade to V1.1?
          A: Buying the software gives you access to upgrades, and just send your name and email used to buy PTanks and you can get V1.1.
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            Send email to (aka Brian)

            (from FAQ's section)

            Question: Can I get Pocket Tanks Deluxe free?
            Answer: No, go away.

            I agree this was a good idea to start this thread.
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              All we have to do is hope that the newcomers look at this thread before the start a new thread notifying everyone that they just joined.

              Good idea

              In case there are new questions, I'm guessing that you'd update the post?
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              Originally posted by The Slade
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                I like it. You have my blessing, and a sticky.
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                  I tried to make a mini-faq for burning sand forums. They regarded it as spam, trash, and banned me. I. Hate. Them.
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                    That stinks.

                    Anyway, I've updated the FAQ to inlclude Blue Moon's Q/A.
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                      Heres some
                      Question: How can I play this through my network? I would like to play multiplayer on the internet.
                      Rex: The current version of pocket tanks does not support online play, maybe soon.
                      Question: Where can I download pocket tanks?
                      Rex: The free version is avalible here
                      Question: Who is Brian?
                      Rex: A freindly guy who likes to post on the forums every now and then, also a part of the Blitwise staff team.
                      Question: Is this site for real? Is this sight family freindly?
                      Rex: For the most part, yes. This sight is completely real and supports family friendly things. All Blitwise games are completely safe for anyone that likes video games to play.


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                        Your Q/A has been added

                        (I've corrected friendly, in case you're wondering)
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                          Thank you


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                            (Double Post Needed Cuz Noone Looks At This Thread For some Reason Unless Its Bolded)
                            Question: I was just banned from the forums! What do I do?
                            Rex: If you were banned for seemingly no reason, please contact Brian via email. He will get to you as soon as he can.
                            Question: I registered, but I dont have a avatar or a signiture!
                            Rex: Once you log in, look for the words "User CP" on the top of the Blitwise forum website.
                            Question: I have cool ideas for Pocket Tanks weapons! Do I email them to Brian?
                            Rex: No, I am sure the Blitwise staff dont need a bunch of useless emails. However, any ideas you have can be entered in the "Weapon Suggestions Thread" under the Pocket Tanks forum in the "Fan Submitions" catagory.


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                              Originally posted by Rex Nex View Post
                              Question: I was just banned from the forums! What do I do?
                              Rex: If you were banned for seemingly no reason, please contact Brian via email. He will get to you as soon as he can.
                              Correct me if I'm wrong, but...If you are banned from the forums, can't you no longer view them, making that FAQ useless. On most forums I know of a ban doesn't just prevent you from posting, it prevents you from going to the forum period.
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