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Can't stop zooming in?

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  • Can't stop zooming in?

    I have the game on Android, but I wanted it for my iPad. I just purchased the deluxe version, and I'm very irritated - I don't want the camera to zoom in with every shot, but there is nothing in the options to prevent it. Frankly, it makes the game unplayable. I want to see the full, high-res gameplay area at all times, not be forcibly zoomed into a poorly-pixellated chunk on a whim.

    It doesn't do that in my Android version, I don't know why it's different for iOS. Please fix asap.

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    Hi Daireen! The mobile version has zoomed in on the shot with every version on every platform. It's certainly less noticeable on older devices and smaller screens, and, of course, it depends on how far the user has zoomed out, but that is the intended behavior. Making it optional is an occasionally requested feature, and I'll make another push for it to be considered for an upcoming update.
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