Any time we do a release of a new item, update, or product we tell our customers and hope to get noticed. This has been working fairly well for us for years. Now we are going to try and make bigger waves and get noticed more by purposeful intent rather than happenstance. Later this week we have 4 more releases planned. We have the 2 new weapons packs coming to Android with some bug fixes. At the same time we will be releasing Pocket Tanks and Pocket Tanks Deluxe with all available weapon packs to the Amazon Store, bringing them to Kindle Fire devices. iPhone 5 widescreen support is also being released for the iOS fans. Windows 8 is being updated to version 1.9 with the newest weapon packs available and support for the new Surface Pro.

amazon-apps-kindle-us-black.png Windows 8.jpg

That is 4 rather noteworthy items all being shipped at the same time. For this release we have hired a PR Firm that will be putting our name and products out to the public like we have never done. They are crafting a press release for us and passing our name around to their rather impressive contact list so that the gaming community can see and hear what we are doing. This will hopefully generate enough buzz to get people excited about Pocket Tanks in a way that we have never seen before on the Android platform. The hope is that this buzz will generate some reviews and get people who may not know we exist to see our name and get a taste of our game.