So I got Thanksgiving 2012, now Valentine's Day. I figured I had to do something Valentine's related for the comic. It would just be a shame to waste the day. The problem is, nothing Valentine's-y happens around here, so my search for a Valentine's Day related joke ultimately resulted in today's comic.

Valentine's Day for me has always been that one day in elementary school where everyone brought in candy and shared it with everyone else. No one cared about the cards, or who got what from who else. We ate the candy, threw the paper away, went home on the bus and crashed. Then it turned into this thing where people with significant others actually did something together. However, now that I have a girlfriend to do something with the entire holiday seems to have just blown by me. The only reminder I've had that it even exists is the heart-shaped chocolate boxes in Walmart. Consequently I've just been flying blind and doing whatever I thought would be a good idea at the time. You can view the results for yourself below.

In more BlitWise related news, I was here until almost 7:00 last night cranking out screenshots for our Amazon release. Turns out Amazon wants multiple screenshots for every IAP in your game. This includes one of the IAP in action as well as an image of what your screen should look like once someone has successfully purchased it. You also need multiple icons in different resolutions for each IAP. The whole application process took up Mike's entire day, killing the meeting we had scheduled, and he then sidelined me with this at the end of the day and it took me a good three hours to crank it all out. But in the end it all got done and the last major hurdle (to my knowledge) has now been cleared in the path to releasing Pocket Tanks on Amazon devices.

I have also been told that preproduction on Scorched Tanks is set to take off in the next two or three weeks. I am seriously looking forward to that.

Okay, so I was going to color and upload this the day after the original post, but this is literally the first chance I've had to update it.
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