Turns out a lot of people are all excited about the prospects of Pocket Tanks on Android. Everyone wants it, it never happens and no one knows when to expect any news or whether or not to take the news they do hear seriously. It's becoming our equivalent to Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros.

I didn't used to think too much about Apple vs. Google or putting Pocket Tanks on Android. I'm a Mac guy with an iPhone who loves having all his devices sync up on iCloud, and I didn't really care about Android because I never use it. Then I had some interesting conversations with Mike about the differences between the App Store and the Android Marketplace.

This is basically what I've taken away from talking to more knowledgeable people about the subject. Apple has a lot of rules and regulations in the App Store, but it is a friendly, safe place that protects you and your property and has rigorous quality control standards to avoid selling you harmful products. And all of Apple's devices may be uniform with no real customization options, but they do everything that everyone (except professional hackers who build all their own computers from custom parts they've scavenged from hardware stores and factories) wants and they do it well.

The people who are offended by products that uniformly work and think that having to pay a person for their software products is a form of governmental oppression flock to Android. The Android Marketplace isn't so much a marketplace, but a strange and barren wasteland where a multitude of developers are scattered around, huddled into their respective hidey holes, casting furtive glances as they try to determine the intentions of the countless dark clad figures that roam silently around and assess their wares. Those who shop there are misers, only "purchasing" free games and complaining loudly to each other about how cheap the vendors are to actually try and make money by including ads. When they do pay, they do so only to amuse themselves for a matter of minutes, returning their purchase for a full refund when their short attention spans have been taxed to their meager fullest. This is on top of the pirates, stealing and freely distributing anything they find all in the name of freedom. Vendors, meanwhile, find it increasingly difficult to survive in this hostile landscape, routinely questioning why they thought there was money to be made here before dying out. And Google doesn't do anything about any of this because, you know, they're all about free software and stuff, or something.

And Mike wants to take us all to this place.

I have no idea what the Android Marketplace is really like for developers, and I don't mean to dump on anyone who likes Google or Android, even though I totally just did that. This is just what I've taken away from what I've heard from Mike. At least I got a similarly metaphorical comic out of it.

If you do like Android, and you're waiting for Pocket Tanks on said system, then I at least have this bone to throw you. There have been talkings. That is, words have been spoken. Enough words that I felt myself compelled to post this particular comic, which I have been sitting on for over two months, before it ran the risk of becoming out of date.

That is all.
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