January is ticking past, one fallen snowflake at a time.

Our new office is just past here. Probably.

We've settled in to the new place, got desks, computers, and various other essentials set up, and we're obviously experimenting with the forums.

"essential" defined.

There will be broader changes coming though. Did you know BlitWise has been around for 15 years? Fifteen years of BlitWise and Pocket Tanks. It feels like a long time, and a long road. One strewn with rubble, blasted tanks, and ridiculous weapons that probably shouldn't do what they actually do.

But the coming year, this anniversary year, is a turning point for us as a company, and, we hope, as a community. A community of people who love games, and the way they can bring people together. We're going to make this a big year not just for us, but for you, the fans. We're working hard to give you some of the things that you've asked for, as well as some things that we hope you'll love just as much as the games we've made in the past.

Stay tuned, you won't want to miss it.