Hail and well met, my friends!

Things have been pretty interesting lately. We're having some important discussions in house about where we want to take matters on a number of levels. Frankly, there's just too much of that stuff to talk about, and some of it is still up in the air, so it wouldn't be fair to start yapping.

As one example, on Monday we had another meeting to talk about Scorched Tanks. We've discussed in previous sessions how we want to handle the actual art itself. One idea that has been tossed around is using vector graphics for a lot of the art, for a number of reasons, not least among them making it easier to attractively translate the game to the wide variety of display resolutions now available. But wait, says Boss Mike, what about the terrain? What madness are you guys contemplating? Pixels! PIXELS ARE THE WAY! Something something cellular automaton and he can already see how something something terrain interaction and CONWAY'S GAME OF LIFE, PEOPLE...but Mike Austin counters that vectors can something with something, and all you need are shaders...which I think are a kind of Venetian blinds. I'll be honest, they said that the conversation was going to get technical and leave Garrett and me completely in the dark. And they were right. It's possible I blacked out at some point.

Just wake me up when it's time to talk about the sociological impact of three moons on one of our potential playable races.

So things were said, and proofs of concept are, I think, forthcoming. I don't expect to be talking much about that for a few weeks. Mostly because I'm an ignorant buffoon.

I also spent a good deal of time and energy this week on some other issues. Pocket Tanks is a beloved game, our support is widely appreciated among the fans, and in any given store, it's a surprisingly highly rated game. So what do we want to do? Get more people playing it! We'd love it if more people knew how much fun it is, how well made, how addictive it can be, etc. We've been looking at ways to increase exposure, and hopefully we'll see it come to fruition in the coming weeks. At the very least, it will help teach us what to do and what not to do when we have a new game out, something we're learning more about already.

How about looking forward? Well, as we've been talking about until you're sick of it, we've got a lot of different things almost ready to come out.

Wait, almost? What's that mean? That means

they need to be tested

Oh yes. So I'm predicting next week is going to be lots and lots and lots and lots of testing. Expect to hear Nate, Garrett, and myself griping about it. And maybe Ben and Mike Austin talking about how picky we are, with our bugs and our error reports.

But thems the breaks, friends. See you all on the other side.